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6 Good Reasons Why You Need A Good iPhone Spy Software


With the increased use of smart devices among children, it is suitable for any parent to know that a simple phone can practically ruin the life of your child as well as your reputation. It is, however, good to know that with an excellent mobile phone tracking app, you should be able to make sure that your child and family are safe. Note that whether you are looking for the best iPhone spy software app like cocospy, or you want to track an Android phone, the right tracker for you is out there.

But, what are the risks that your child is exposed to online that make it vital to monitor their activities?

#1 Harmful content

The internet is said to be endlessly full of everything everywhere. In such a disorganized place, it is imperative that you protect your child from ending up on the wrong website. Today, things like pornography, drugs, and other unbelievable things are available and sold online.

Through a mobile monitoring app like cocospy, you can block certain sites from loading. This should give you a piece of mind even when you are on a trip because you will still be able to see and block more links remotely.

#2 Cyberbullying

This is perhaps the worst thing that you can ever allow to happen to your loved one. That is because there are countless cases of teenagers suffering from depression due to, and the worst part is that quite a significant number of such children end up committing suicide. Through social media, text messages and even emails, your child can be receiving diminishing messages, but with the help of a proper tracking app like cocospy that allows you to track everything, you should be able to jump in with the right solution at the right time.


#3 Addiction

Smartphones are addictive not only to children but adults as well. However, addiction in children is high mainly because they lack other responsibilities that can divert their attention. You should know that no addiction is good, and if you fail to control how long your child should use the phone per day, then you will end up sending them to rehab.

Some mobile tracking applications allow you to put your child’s phone to sleep remotely. This should be the best remedy to keep phone addiction away because you might not be around your kid every time to snatch away their phone.

#4 Predators

There are some people whose lives were ruined a long time ago and are taking it out on children. According to reports, social media platforms are some of the most dangerous places for an underage. That is because; all sorts of people use these platforms, including child predators. Because you can never stop anyone from signing up for a social media account, it is good to have an eye on your child’s social media activities and the people he or she interacts with.

Remember that predators are smart and usually approach their victims with a friendly gesture. After that, they build a bond of trust before signalizing their mission.

By tracking your child, you should be able to identify people with such motives early enough. As for a child, they will only see someone who is friendly to them and cares about their wellbeing.

#5 Protect personal information

Children are innocent, and they assume that everyone is. For that reason, children usually provide accurate information about themselves and their family. The risk here is that someone can easily follow and locate your child even in school then kidnap them. As a parent, you need to make sure that your family is safe from malicious people.

#6 Protect your child from bad friends

The kind of friends around your child matters a great deal because it influences the type of person they are. If your sons’ friends are doing drugs; for example, peer pressure can make his start using the drugs easily. With such friends around, the kind of text messages and information that they will share through their phones should give you a heads up.


A good parent who wants to raise a responsible person in the future must exercise good digital parenting in this century. However, picking the right tracking app is always the problem because there are so many fake con artists that pose as tracking app developers. It is therefore highly recommended that you carry out sound research before spending your money.

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