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5 Reasons Why React Native Will Help in App Development


React native is an app development framework that allows users to create multi-platform applications across Android and iOS devices using native UI (user interface) elements. It is based on the JavaScript Core runtime and Babel transformers and uses native scripts.

For those who are unfamiliar, JavaScript is the programming language that allows a webpage or application to function. In order for websites and apps to do something, such as display an image, make a sound or go to a new page, JavaScript is behind the scenes allowing that particular function to work.

Native scripts are what allow an app to function within a specific operating system. For example, to create a native app within an iOS system, developers use objective-C/Swift development language, whereas, for an Android system, developers use Java/Kotlin development language.

So, why should you use react native in your application development? We’ve compiled our top 5 reasons below.

To save money

Everything always comes down to money, right? Well, by using react native, businesses of any kind can save money through the timesaving method of react-native. React native allows coders to transfer parts of their code across a range of platforms such as webpages to Android to iOS, meaning they do not need to start from scratch.

In most cases, JavaScript written for iOS can be simply transferred into Android in a much shorter timeframe, and vice versa. But this is only the beginning of the money-saving opportunities of react-native. Each of the points below demonstrates just how to react native will save you precious development time, and thus saving you money!

Better UI

The user interface is the primary focus of react-native. As the react-native UI is primarily a framework, it simplifies the use of JavaScript, simplifying the UI development and allowing developers to effortlessly add every element to their application with CSS-like stylesheets.

This also allows the look of the application to be easily predictable, which is essential as developers always need to check their progress and ensure the functionality of their app. Through react native, you are able to focus on the current state of the UI, as it allows for the split view of the written code and the result of the code within a mobile frame. This then works to reduce distractions in the development process.

Reusable code

React native uses blocks of code that contain blocks of reusable native components across a range of platforms. Within react native, approximately 90% of the native framework can be used for the development of both Android and iOS applications.

Furthermore, when a webpage is written using react native coding, this code can simply be transferred into the form of an application. This gives developers the power to create applications with the native feel and operation of each individual operating system, with the speed and flexibility that react native offers by reusing a massive amount of coding framework components.


In any webpage or application created today, video is a must for success. React native video player’s allow developers to easily and quickly implement video from a library of sources that include countless online contributors, support for multiple operating systems, playback support and a range of other features that allow developer’s ease of implementation within their applications.


React native is used by some of the biggest brands across the globe and is picking up more and more popularity as time goes on. It is understandable that someone might question the future of coding elements such as react native, with so many programs becoming obsolete each year, but it appears that react native is here for the long haul.

Still relatively early in its developmental stages, react native grows each day with new solutions to hybrid app development issues. The program also offers a simple to understand manual that allows almost anyone to create an application.

A development framework that not only allows for cross-platform use, but uses a single code to remove bugs, side-by-side visualisation of coding and it’s easy to understand development, it is easy to see how react native has a place in the future of application development.

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