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3 Reasons Why People Want An Unlocked Phone


When people want a new phone they usually just go to their local cellular carrier’s store and choose the phone they want. That phone however, can only be used by the carrier’s network which limits the user.

The main benefit of this is that you can use your phone immediately. The downside however is that you cannot insert other carrier sim card into your phone because it blocks other carrier networks except their own. Also some phones have hidden subscriber contracts which may be damaging to the user at some point.

Unlocked Phone

Most of these contracts from the network providers lasts for years. The reason for that is to get back their lost revenue by controlling your phone’s expenses from your calls and texts and your data usage.

That is why many people would prefer an unlocked phone because they have the freedom to choose their cellular carriers and can jump from one carrier to the next without incapacitating the phone. Here are some reasons that might change your mind on wanting an unlocked phone instead of a locked phone.

#1 It saves money

Buying an unlocked phone is expensive at first because you have to pay for the full price unlike the locked phones which only asks for a certain amount every month. You might think you are saving by choosing a locked phone but you are wrong.

Unlocked phones have no subscriber contracts, which gives you the liberty of changing carriers without paying any termination fees. You also don’t have to worry about hidden charges when you have an unlocked phones and you will not fear of going over the limit of your phone’s plan.

By having an unlocked phone you can also use prepaid sim cards which gives cheaper text and call rates compared to major cellular carriers.

#2 You can avoid Roaming Charges

Reasons Why People Want An Unlocked Phone

When you like to travel a lot, you can agree that roaming charges can take a toll on your phone’s budget. Locked phones charge you when you travel abroad to keep your phone’s sim activated and will allow you to communicate with an additional fee.


If you have an unlocked phone then all you have to do is buy a local sim card in that country and insert it on your phone. You are free from additional and roaming charges and will allow you to communicate under the local rates of the country.

#3 Easier to sell

Unlocked phones are easier to sell compared to the locked phones. The reason is that unlocked phones don’t have complications about the cellular carriers. The phone will still work even if you use other carriers.

The buyer of the phone can easily put his old sim card to the phone and it will work just fine unlike the locked phones, which can only be used by the same carrier. That makes it more appealing to the buyers.

If you are selling a locked phone then the only people who are interested in it are those which have the same carrier as you, which decreases the chances of selling your old phone.

If you are still not convinced though, then you can visit this site, Why the Lucky Stiff – One man’s journey to be more than just a lucky stiff, to learn more about the benefits of having an unlocked phone.

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