3 Reasons to Convert Word Files to PDF Before Sharing

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reasons to convert word files to pdf before sharing

With the current state of our world today, the importance of utilizing the Internet to connect and communicate with other people has been greatly emphasized. Schools use learning management systems, businesses conduct their transactions online, and other institutions use the same technology to keep up with the times.

If you are working from home or attending an online school, you might need to share some documents at some point. For example, your teacher can require you to send a specific file for your compliance with requirements. Are you planning to send Word files? Wait a minute! Convert PDF to QR Code first and see why you need to do so!

What are PDF files?

PDF files are simply your files in another format, formally known as the Portable Document Format. This one is particularly famous because of its ability to keep formatting in place. Apparently, your Word files can get messed up for some reasons you might not be aware of after sending it over the Internet. Here’s how you can convert Word to PDF online for free.

Using GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter

The web contains many converters for you to use. What really matters is whether the tool can meet your needs. One of the most excellent converters online is GogoPDF’s Word to PDF. This tool is entirely free to use and has a friendly user interface. Isn’t that amazing? You can experience a free but seamless conversion by doing the steps below.

  1. Go to GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter.
  2. Select and upload your files to the conversion tool. You may also drag and drop them for convenience.
  3. The file converter will process your documents automatically.
  4. Wait for the conversion to finish.
  5. Download your PDF fresh from the converter!
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Why use GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter?

#1 Experience a convenient conversion

Convenience is something that most people seek. They want to do things simply, without having to undergo complicated processes. GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter grants you such convenience together with its friendly user interface and quick conversion processes. All you have to do is go to its website, convert your file, and you’re finished!

Moreover, everything occurs on the cloud, so there’s no need to install any kind of software. Just ensure a stable Internet connection. This means that you don’t have to bear with a lengthy installation duration. Additionally, you can save storage space and computer memory on top of that!

#2 Expect a guaranteed file quality

If you worry about your documents’ quality after converting them to PDF, then you’re worrying for nothing. The technology that GogoPDF uses is advanced enough to ensure that every little detail in your document is rendered in high quality. Rest assured that no detail will change through the conversion process, only the file format changes.

#3 Convert your files securely

Security issues are and will always be a sensitive topic for many. They would want to ensure that no one would steal their information and that their documents do not get leaked. Fortunately, the conversion tool of GogoPDF is known for its excellent security. Rest assured that the converter will use all files you upload only for the sake of the intended purpose.

Why convert Word to PDF?

After all those pieces of information about converting your files, you might wonder about the reasons why you ought to do the conversion. After all, they both are file formats, so how do they differ? Take a look below to find out about the various applications of PDF features that Word files cannot provide.

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#1 Preserve document formatting

As we have mentioned above, PDFs are famous for their ability to keep formatting in place. How is this possible? PDFs essentially act as images of your documents, and they appear as though they are printed on paper. That’s why regardless of which device you use to view them, not a single thing would change, unlike in the case of using Word documents.

Are you wondering why your Word documents get modified on other computers? The software being used and software versions can affect the formatting of your documents. We all know that there are many word processors, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and many more. Depending on which one you use, the appearance of your files may be modified.

In addition, if you and your recipient use the same software, the version differences may also cause a similar thing. The features unavailable on the receiving computer may be exchanged with the default one. Such a case frequently occurs with fonts when a specific font family isn’t installed on the device.

#2 4Share documents more efficiently

Another reason is that PDFs can have relatively smaller file sizes, making them much easier to share than other file formats. Email and other communication devices typically have size restrictions that prevent you from attaching files over a certain threshold. You can compress PDFs first to reduce their file size without losing quality before attaching them to your emails.

PDF files also don’t need any kind of unique software. You can even use your browser to view their contents. They are also version-independent. Regardless of how outdated or updated your PDF reader is, they would remain the same. Such a situation makes it convenient for you and makes it more manageable for your recipient.

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#3 Secure document files

PDFs are also known for their ability to be password-protected. This feature makes it possible for the file owner to ensure that no other irrelevant person can access their documents. They can have a certain level of control over their files, depending on the password type they would choose to impose over their PDFs.

Final Say

It doesn’t suffice just to send your Word document as is if you want to ensure that your document formatting stays in place. You can convert them to PDF to ensure formatting preservation, security and privacy of information, and a convenient file sharing process. Grab your files and convert them with GogoPDF’s Word to PDF converter today! You can try out their other awesome features, too. Just give their website a go!

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