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8 Ways Reading A Blog Can Be Better Than Reading A Book


The Internet has changed the way people get knowledge and ideas forever. Gone are the days when books are the only readable source of information. Today reading has become a broader activity that includes digital sources.

Reading A Blog Can Be Better Than Reading A Book

Online reading is the reason why blogs like Why the Lucky Stiff and others are being patronized these days making a somehow competitive rival against reading books. Although the importance of book reading could not be undervalued, people are finding great convenience in reading blogs for purposes of education, information, and entertainment.

5 Ways That Reading Blog Can Be Better Than Reading Book:-

Widespread blog reading and the popularity of blogs also led to the development of aggregator software and apps, as well as many similar applications. But why are people choosing to read blogs over books? Here are the reasons:

#1 Conciseness: –  The very obvious difference of blogs and books are their lengths. Books go as far as a hundred page or so. Some maybe 50 or less, but blogs are way shorter than that. Most blog post run from 300-500 words, sometimes 800- 1000. This conciseness makes it easier for people to get information and finish it.

It is also not painstaking and more entertaining due to the short time it requires to be finished. Books, on the other hand, may require days to get done, which at this age of short retention time can be burdensome.

#2 Speed of consumption: – Due to the fact that blogs are short, they are easy to consume in a short amount of time. Hence, you can get as much information as possible as it takes the time to finish one single book with a single theme or storyline. This speed easily fit into the modern lifestyle that is fast-paced.

#3 Convenience : – Blogs are convenient to read because you can just pull your gadget out from anywhere. While carrying a book is possible, it cannot rival to the variety of blogs available that one can access online. Carrying a device connected to the internet is like carrying a whole library with you. You can just pull out what you want to read anytime, anywhere.

Reading Blog IsThan Reading Book

#4 Easy Access to variety of information:- While you can go to a bookstore or visit the library to borrow as many books as possible to get as many sources for a specific subject, the presence of blogs provides a more convenient access. By doing some minor searches you can already get countless sources for a particular topic. There are so many blogs that it is impossible to find one not discussing a particular subject.

#5 Compact Information :- People love summaries, which is why they always read the back of paperback books. We are drawn into wanting to know things immediately and blogs offer this convenience. Because it is short, they are generally direct to the point and will quickly send their message across in just a couple of a hundred words.

Books are still very important and nothing can compare to the experience of reading the print on paper, but blogs also present some great advantages that people can take advantage of.

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