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A Quick Guide On What Makes A Good Web Page Design


No matter how much a person has been interested in web background designing, it is always very necessary for them to have a clear understanding of what makes a good web design. In fact, before starting the design itself, they should do some thorough study so they may be able to understand as well as recognize what exactly it is that they want in their web pages. The following are some of the things that will help you understand what factors affect the quality of a web page design.


In this fast-paced world of today, people may feel bored with the same old designs that they see on a lot of other sites. Therefore, when designing a website it is important that you stand out from the crowd and give your visitors something new to look at which will keep them coming back for more. As seen at It is only possible when you have a good command over your creativity and an innovative approach towards things so as to be able to present your visitors or customers with something fresh and new every time they visit your site. Creativity also helps in reducing any monotony which web surfers tend to feel when browsing through several web page design sites.


This is another important aspect that you must bear in mind when designing a webpage. People visit websites not for the sake of browsing but for getting information and services which is why they tend to get tired and bored with designs that give them nothing new or unique to look at so, you must come up with something different every time to retain their interest and curiosity about your site. For instance, if most of the sites that people usually surf through are all offering flowery designs then you can go against the flow and design something more contemporary which will surely grab their attention all the more easily.

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Although they say beautiful things come in small packages, it is also necessary to know when enough is enough so as not to overwhelm your visitors with too much information. You have to ensure that you do not go too far with your designs and at the same time keep them from being so simple as to be boring because this will surely make people lose interest. What you can do instead is embrace simplicity while ensuring that there are still some elements of distraction around which will help increase the visual appeal of a web page design all the more. However,  do remember that it should be just enough and even less than the required amount.


When it comes to the web, users want a design that is easy for them to navigate around and look at all the information they need. Although this may be considered as a very general thing yet it is something which should be taken into consideration because not every person visiting your site will have years of experience in browsing through sites belonging to other people so you must always ensure that your designs are minimalistic and simple enough to use even by those who do not know much about websites. To make things easier for them, you can also include some visual clues which will guide them throughout the page without any help from written instructions or tutorials.


A good web page design is very much dependent on compatibility because this is something that will make or break it. It does not matter how attractive and creative your website looks if it fails to run smoothly whenever viewed on multiple web browsers as different operating systems may present you with various problems depending upon the settings being used by those machines. In addition, some older versions of popular web browsers may require that you change some parts of your pages so as they may appear correctly which you should do without any fail as compatibility issues can be a death knell for your website if ignored.

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High-Quality graphics

You will need to use high-quality images and graphics to make your website look attractive and creative. Bear in mind, however, not to go overboard with the number of images on a webpage as this can be counterproductive by slowing down its loading time which can deter visitors from coming back for more. Furthermore, do try and avoid using offbeat or large-sized logos as they may take too much space on the screen reducing its clarity all the more so always keep things simple and minimalistic while making sure that each of the elements present on your page is important towards adding up some real value.

It can be said that to come up with a good web page design you need to ensure that every single aspect mentioned above is taken care of all at once to make it stand out from all the other pages available online. Although they say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, as you can see there are universal rules you should follow to make sure that your website does not fail in impressing people at the very first glance.

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