A Quick Guide On How To Keep Your Company Data Safe

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quick guide on how to keep your company data safe

A data breach can be catastrophic to your company since it can lead to severe losses. Small businesses are prime targets for hackers since they have weak security controls. The good news is that there are certain preventive measures you can take to secure your information. Here is a quick guide on how to keep your company data safe.

Create Stronger Passwords

It is vital to use strong passwords and change them regularly to deter thieves from accessing your information. Your password should be about 10 characters including figures. Do not share sensitive company passwords with all the employees since they may tamper with your data. If you suspect that your password is compromised, create another one immediately.


Many people use dropbox to store their files like photos and other essential documents. This is a cloud solution meant to protect the users’ information. However, you probably ask yourself “is dropbox safe for confidential company information?” It is widely believed that dropbox poses some security challenges like weak encryption, lack of control of files stored in the cloud, and being unable to safely share files over the internet. Therefore, you need to consider all the components that can affect your business since data breaches can have grave financial and legal implications.

Be Aware of Phishing Tricks

You should be aware of fake emails that are commonly used by hackers and criminals who steal company information or access your passwords. Some emails appear as if they are coming from trusted sources like credit card companies; they often include links and attachments. Hackers may ask you to update your banking details. When you receive such an email, delete it and never respond. Make sure all the emails you read come from someone you know, customers, or business partners.

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Keep Your Devices Safe

While traveling, keep your portable devices – like smartphones, tablets, and laptops – safe since they are prime targets for thieves. When you are using your gadget in public, make sure no one sees your password. Do not leave your mobile device unattended. Keep removable media like flash drives in a secure place and do not share these items with anyone.


The other option you can consider to protect your sensitive information is to encrypt it. You must use proper key management and encrypt data before you share it over untrusted sites. With encryption, only authorized persons can access certain information. Additionally, you must learn to save information that is necessary for easier management. Customers are the ones who usually suffer in the event of data breaches. Therefore, try to save information that is critical to your business.

Secure Physical Documents

Apart from very common cyberattacks, you also need to secure all your physical documents. Keep them in a secure place away from prying eyes. If you no longer need certain files, make sure you shred them so that no one can access the information.

Set internal Controls 

No matter how much you trust your workers, you should set internal controls to prevent fraud. They can misuse company information or company funds if you do not monitor them. Make sure the workers only have the information they need for their work. Do not entrust a single employee with a lot of responsibilities in the organization. You should also train all the employees, so they know the importance of protecting company data.

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Many businesses fail due to preventable security issues. While it may be difficult to eliminate data breaches or fraud, with good security practices, it is possible to minimize their likelihood. These tips can help you reduce any damage likely to happen due to unnoticed security breaches.

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