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Questions To Discuss In Open Relationship


Partners who are in a long-term relationship can often see that their passion and romance decrease. They become closer, they have a family, each of them does not seem to be something unknown, inaccessible – both partners know everything about each other.

In turn, attraction is based on a certain prohibition, secrecy and inaccessibility. And just the same, close, beloved partner ceases to be that inaccessible and impossible – passion is humbled. However, passion can be returned with the help of an open relationship. However, before starting it, it is worth discussing some issues with your partner.

You can start with the following questions when you make your own rules of free love:

  • How many contacts can you have with one person?
  • Is it possible to be friends or keep in touch with this person after intimacy?
  • Is it possible to bring a temporary partner to the common house?
  • Is it possible to introduce a temporary partner to a permanent one?
  • What to do with those who want to continue the relationship, who want to make it serious?
  • How to have a threesome?

Obvious merits of an open relationship

A couple is often connected not only by love, but also by the similarity of worldviews, a common cause, a common way of life, a common circle of friends and relatives, and sometimes children. For example, a couple of vegans – it’s convenient for them to live and build their life together, or maybe childfree – they are on the same wavelength, or a common startup, a project that can fall apart if the couple is not together.

Well, when it comes to children, then arguments are not required here – you need to try to save the marriage or relationship, and you can’t leave hastily. Therefore, an open relationship is not only diversity, sometimes – this is the only way to save the union, the family.

Let’s see what are the advantages of an open relationship:

#1 Get out of boredom

Any relationship can become boring, but faded attraction may awaken. Interest in each other is growing, because both are free to live – a secret appears, and partners learn something new in each other.

#2 Forbidden fruit is sweet.

However, when everything is allowed and known for good, the desire to receive it is humbled. Threesome finder can change the situation cardinally.

#3 Good conscience

The absurd obligations that existed because of the fear of misunderstanding, understatement are reduced. Any new meetings, not necessarily intimate, harmless flirting, dating are now no secret, they are legal.

#4 Self-sufficiency

Many couples are very dependent on each other, have a strong affection. However, this is a painful and destructive condition. We tend to love and desire a self-sufficient person.

#5 Without pain

If an open relationship is built on exceptional awareness, as it should be, then the pain of jealousy, from the special attention of the partner to another person, does not hurt the heart, because everything is under control, exactly within the boundaries which you agreed to.

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