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Quality SEO Link Building Strategies of DieHard Bloggers


Competitive link building is all about quality search engine optimization techniques. Post Panda and post Penguin, to target the top position for a keyword, you don’t have to engage in ruthless SEO methods. With proper keyword analysis and some quality SEO link building strategies, you can achieve it easily. Quality matters more than quantity for successful link building.

If you are one of those die-hard SEO bloggers then you must have seen and been through all these Google algorithm updates. And the transition may be hard for you. So this post has some of your old but quality SEO link building strategies which you can continue with.

Old is Gold Link Building Techniques

Currently, Google loves relevant, gradual and quality SEO link building strategies for blogs and websites. Smart web masters have quickly adapted to it and have stopped mindless link building. These SEO techniques are almost outdated and a complete waste of time.

So, you must be seeing a shift from Blackhat SEO to more organic SEO practices. But this new change in the trend has not been swift for all bloggers. Keeping that in mind, we have listed some high quality SEO link building strategies, which every blogger can implement.

Strategy #1 – High PR Article Submission

Article submission is probably the best way of getting high PR backlinks to a website or blog, free of cost. But inorder to get quality backlinks, the submitted articles must have equally qualitative content.

Without good content, there are chances of it being rejected or disapproved by the article submission sites. Some good quality Web 1.0 and 2.0 sites are:

Strategy #2 – Bookmark Link Submission

Book-marking is another way of getting backlinks. It is the easiest way of acquiring bulk backlinks to a website. In an aim for increasing the Google pagerank, many web masters have spent their precious time bookmarking for each keyword.

But the problem is these links are very short lived. Google de-recognizes millions of sites with each update. So there are chances of a possible drop in Pagerank or worse being penalized for black hat SEO practices.

Strategy #3 – Top Press Release Sites

Press Releases are different from normal articles. They are usually excerpts for media people. They are written with an aim for sharing some important and newsworthy stuff with others.

It helps to draw traffic to a website or blog. And if the news content is indeed informative, then others may even share it. This way your site gets easy backlinks for others. Some quality press release sites are:

Strategy #4 – Quality Classified Submission

Even though press releases and classified submissions are age old SEO strategies, yet many bloggers consider it to be the same. Infact press release and classified are way too different, although they both help in building backlinks to website.

Classifieds are very short ads. They are either charged for publishing or free of cost. The main purpose is to promote a product/ service or brand a blog/ website. The following is a list of quality classified submission sites:

  • Craigs List (PR: 7, Alexa: 43)
  • Olx (PR: 6, Alexa: 3,752)
  • Quikr (PR: 5, Alexa: 576)
  • Oodle (PR: 5, Alexa: 4,374)
  • Sell (PR: 5, Alexa: 17,206)

Strategy #5 – Directory Submission

Directories used to an important SEO strategy earlier. If you make a Google search for a list of directories, you may find thousands of links promising approval within few days. But directory submission on a few sites like DMoz and Yahoo directory is worth 10,000 directory submissions each.

I wonder why any blogger would spend time on directories. Incase you want to know, here are some list of directories for quality SEO link building strategies.

Few is New Quality SEO Link Building Strategies

Apart from these, some other high PR quality SEO link building strategies adopted by contemporary bloggers are:

  • Strategy #1 – Guest Blogging
  • Strategy #2 – Niche Blog Commenting
  • Strategy #3 – Social Media Sharing
  • Strategy #4 – Product Review & Interviews
  • Strategy #5 – Genuine Link Exchange

What else can we do? What is your approach for link building? Let us know some other quality SEO link building strategies, by your comments below.

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