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How To Provide The Best Possible Digital Experience For Customers


With the digital world evolving so fast and being perfected and remodeled all the time, it’s difficult for businesses to keep pace with the trends and design features that the most advanced companies promote. The result, for many businesses without an experienced and savvy digital team, is the provision of poor and substandard digital services to consumers, leaving customers a little dissatisfied and bemused. With so much riding on your ability to please customers in the virtual realm, this article concentrates on how you can improve the digital experience of customers in 2020 and beyond.

Think User

In everything you do — be that in the development of an app, the redesign of your website, or the onboarding of plug-ins to help you sell products internationally — you need to think of the individual user. Web users are discerning in their use of the Internet as a tool, and often visit hundreds of web pages per day in their search for information and products. When choosing a solution for their needs they might contact you via an email, a phone call, a chat, or over social media and you need to keep track of all these channels in one place so that there is no confusion on your side or theirs. Your ambition to provide your users with the best possible experience means you need to think as they do, and see as they do. And so, concentrating on user design and user experience (UD and UX, respectively) is deeply important for your digital strategy moving forwards.

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Content Creation

Users love content. Whether that’s in the form of videos, photos or text, content is the best way to captivate an audience and provide an experience that’s appreciated by web users across the board. Content is also important for guiding potential customers through your brand’s narrative, and through to your sales pages where you’ll map out your products in beguiling and professional photographs and copy. Make sure your content is first rate in order to give users and customers the impression that you’re a professional and trustworthy trader.

Centralize Experiences

One of the most fascinating elements of the customer experience space, especially in the digital realm, is that it’s incredibly diverse and takes in a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary number of features. For instance, your customers experience your brand and your digital products in a sensory way, an emotional way, a psychic way, and a practical way. All of these different distinctions entail different responses and thus it’s important to centralize your thinking in order to produce consistent and excellent experiences. Use a digital experience platform to help you do that by monitoring and providing services and guidance for all of your digital activity — front-end and customer-facing, or back-end and office-based.

Get Feedback

Unsure of how your changes are impacting on your customers’ experiences? Why not simply ask them to provide feedback on the changes you make, or the journey you’ve built for them thus far? While not all web users or consumers offer feedback, you’ll be surprised just how many will answer brief questions about how you’re doing in providing digital services and platforms to your valued customers. Use polling and surveys to help direct your strategy going forwards.

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Digital experiences are important parts of base-touching with your customers — and should thus be a priority, informed by the points above — for your digital strategy in 2020.

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