4 Proven Strategies to Boost Your YouTube Views

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
proven strategies to boost your youtube views

YouTube is a very dynamic website where a lot of people seek to fulfill their dreams. Saying that you made videos on YouTube 10 years ago was something people laughed at. Now, people know that this website is quite important to a lot of people, and also quite profitable.

However, success on YouTube does not come without sacrifice, as with everything in life. You need to boost your views if you really want to make it into the big league. Luckily, with these 4 proven strategies, you will be able to get noticed on YouTube.

Buying views

This advice may sound bad to some people, but it is really important to ask the right questions here. A YouTube channel is highly dependent on views, and it can be quite hard to pop off from the start. Thus, in order to help grow your YouTube channel, it is not a bad idea to give it a boost with some extra views. There are way too many videos out there and each creator wants to make a name for themselves.

If you think you got it takes, a boost with bought videos will catalyze your success. When buying YouTube views, it is very important to do so from reliable sources that know how to boost it. YouTube does not like this method, but it is its fault that the algorithm is not made to serve the original creators. Only what the mainstream media likes and deems monetizable gets on the front page. It is not a fair system, so boosting your views to reach the target audience is completely understandable.

Quality videos

Quality videos can mean a lot of things and a lot of people will give you a different answer on this topic. In short, there is no perfect video nor there is perfect video formula. There is no one magic trick that will make you pop off on YouTube and the people telling you otherwise are lying. Your main focus should be to make videos that you enjoy making and up to your standards. People like different creators because of the unique personalities they have.

People are attracted to other people who can inspire them and adhere to their own ideals. People like to watch videos that are pleasant to watch, just think about your preferences. Before putting up a video, ask yourself, would you watch this video if it was in your recommendations? Are you proud of the video that you made and feel happy to share it with others? How do you compare your videos to videos of other creators that you like? Be objective.

Staying active

Everyone knows the stories of YouTubers who went from 10 thousand subscribers to millions of subs in under a week. However, these stories are the exception, not the rule, both on YouTube and in real life. Boosting your views on YouTube requires patience most of the time until luck strikes you.

You need to stay active and work on your content to make quality videos, otherwise, luck can not help you. However, with good videos and a bit of other help, a lucky day will be the one that will make your channel stand out from the rest. You never know when that lucky day will be, but you need to keep on trying and upload more videos.


A common mistake people make is thinking they can tell their audience what to do, you can not do that yet. Only a fraction of people of a big and loyal fanbase will follow what you tell them depending on the task. If you say like, share, and subscribe, people will not do that, it will annoy them.

People do these things when they actually like the video and want to share it, that is how engagement works. You can post your video on other social media platforms and reach out to other people. But do not be that person that says in the first five seconds of a video what your audience should do.

It is very important to always remember these strategies and stay true to them if you want to make it big on YouTube. These 4 strategies were chosen because it is not hard to keep up with them and because of their high rate of success.

Everyone thinks they know this platform so well and yet, their tactics do not help out anyone in the end. The most important thing is to love your videos and not to stop making them, no matter the cost, for your sake. People will try to take your creativity away from you, do not stray from your path, and continue being unique.

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