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Promwad Review : Market Leader in Electronics


There is competition in any field, so the development of electronic devices is no exception. Yet, the Promwad Innovation Company holds a strong position in the post-Soviet market because it is free to choose projects that are of interest to the company. However, the market saw considerable growth of competition in 2010. Many domestic companies specializing in electronics began to change their strategies. The management of electronics companies realized that it was uneconomical for them to keep a large staff of engineers. It was more effective to create a team of experts skilled in applied engineering, as well as partner with outsourcing companies which offer printed circuit board design, system software development and other specialized services under specific projects. A great number of companies opted for this strategy, which led to the growth of competition in electronics development.

Promwad’s competitive edge

Promwad is not new to the field (it will turn ten years old in June). Over these years, the company has gained invaluable experience and created a team capable to realize a full cycle of electronics development, from prototype to launching the finished device into batch production. When companies turn to Promwad exclusively for prototype development, the company encourages its potential customers to consider alternative opportunities for cooperation. After all, there are many professional contract developers which can handle this task.

Promwad has a different advantage – it is not only ready to create a prototype, but do everything needed to launch the device into batch production. Promwad is now rapidly gaining ground in the automation market. This area is gradually becoming a priority for the company. Many manufacturing companies are now ready to replace their outdated equipment. So Promwad’s engineers can offer them their expertise in the field.

Promwad in the field subscriber and telecommunications equipment

Promwad’s assets include a large number of completed subscriber equipment projects which involve turn-key electronics development, including hardware and software design, industrial design and manufacturing. The company’s portfolio features a project which involves the production of over a million devices.

Promwad Innovation Company - LapkaPromwad Innovation Company - IPTV STBPromwad Innovation Company - ARM Server

There are very few domestic companies that can boast such an advantage. That is why when companies want to set up a large batch production, they turn to Promwad. Meanwhile, the market is developing successfully, but it is quite free which means there is no fierce competition yet. This helps companies feel comfortable and develop according to the chosen strategy.

About the company

Promwad is a mature company at the electronics and IT market providing a wide range of services in professional electronics development. The company is a resident of the High Technology Park (HTP).

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