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Professional Experience or Getting Money: What Motivates Us More?


During a standard job interview, you are likely to be asked this question “what motivates you?” Most interviewers do not know how to answer this, and some might mention things like salary, teamwork, etc.

But what most of them do not know is that this question is typically meant for the potential employer to understand more about you, what you value or enjoy doing, and how well you will fit into the company’s environment. They also want to confirm if you are what they are looking for. To some, money is a big motivator for their work. But according to studies, it is not.

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So, what motivates us more in our careers, our passion for what we do or the salary we get? Here are some of the myths and facts about the relationship between money and our job.

Money Affects Work Performance

We all need the moolah, and we are sure 99.9% of the people would not work for free if they were asked to. And when it comes to the salary, we definitely want to be paid for the work we do. This means not being underpaid and also not being overpaid. Most would not mind about the latter anyways. To some employees, money can act as a big motivator when it comes to performance.

In fact, some will swear that the amount they receive per month, if it was high will trigger more work production. And those who are being underpaid would lead to low performance. However, even though money affects efficiency, other factors might chip in.

Your passion for working at that particular career will prompt your performance. If you really love your profession, you will be willing to sacrifice the money you get, just to fulfil your ambitions and let other things follow you. Besides, if you truly love your occupation, you can go extra miles to build a strong foundation for your future.

The More We Earn the Happier We Are

Most people associate happiness with money, and some are even bringing this attitude to their working environment. It might be true that money can buy you happiness, but only for the moment when you have it. It would be nice to have something you love about your job other than the money. But also keep in mind the lack of cash can cause you misery, stress, and unhappiness. Do not be too attached to the job that you are not receiving enough cash for necessities such as food, transport, and bills. You will definitely want to be paid so that you can fulfil your lifestyle and pay your bills.

Monday Blues or Thank God It’s Friday?

Where do you fit when it comes to Mondays or Fridays? Are you one of those who are willing to do anything to go back to work on Monday or you are one of those who cannot wait for Fridays? For those who are motivated by the love for their careers, they would definitely want the weekend to be over so they can go back to work. But money can also make you wish for the start of the week as it symbolises the end of the month is near and so are our salaries.

Making a Difference

There is nothing more peaceful than knowing you are doing everything you can to make this world a better place. And this might be another reason why professional experience motivates us more. There might be tons of jobs to give us the kind of lifestyle we have always admired, but perhaps you will be overworked or be put under too much pressure leading to stress. But there are other careers which will leave you with a smile on your face every day knowing you have impacted someone’s life positively. When inspired, you cannot wait for the next day to go back to work and do the same good thing for someone else.


It is true that money brings happiness but there is no need to drown in wealth for a job you hate every single day. Professional experience is also as important in motivating us to work. However, finding your true passion can lead you to a fat path of success. Learn what motivates you and follow that path to greater heights.

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