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Products That Smartphones Are Making Obsolete


Ever since the inception of smartphones, it made several products obsolete. Some are still in the market but already struggling to get a share while there are those that were totally annihilated and readily went down to obscurity. Below are the products made obsolete or in the process of becoming obsolete especially with the continuous improvement of smartphone features.

  • MP3 Players
  • PDAs
  • Watch
  • Ordinary cellphone
  • Video game console
  • Video recorders
  • Alarm clock
  • Phone line
  • Still camera
  • Video camera
  • GPS device
  • Local mail
  • Radio
  • Remote control – soon
  • Paper maps
  • Basic Digital camera
  • Basic calculators
  • Netbooks – soon
  • DVD players – soon

As the smartphone technology continues to improve, more and more basic gadgets and even small appliances will become obsolete in the future. But just like the mystic phoenix that turns into ash only to be resurrected later, some of the gadgets made obsolete by smartphones will make a comeback. Some big industry players are already thinking of ways on how to compete with the killer smartphone technology and soon they might just come up with the appropriate solution.

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