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How to Produce the Clear Liquid Reagent


The clear liquid reagent is one of the first things you will be required to produce as a newbie to alchemy in Black Desert Online. The primary reason is that it is an ingredient in several alchemical recipes. Also, it gives you an avenue to improve your alchemy skills as the ingredients are easy to obtain and cheap.

To make clear liquid reagent, you will need the following:

  • 1x Sunrise Herb
  • 1x Purified water
  • 1x Wild Grass or Weed
  • 1x Salt

How to Obtain the Clear Liquid Reagent Ingredients

If you are looking to make clear liquid reagent, the following are some of the best methods you can use to gather the ingredients you will need. And the great thing is that you can find a vast number of these ingredients in the central marketplace.

Sunrise Herbs

You can find sunrise herbs in large quantities at certain gathering nodes in BDO. However, you will need a worker’s help. The reason is that a worker will be able to gather enough of these herbs within a short period. Note that that the easiest node where you can gather this ingredient is perhaps the one situated at Balenos forest.

Purified Water

You can make purified water yourself via an easy and straightforward process that involves filtering bottled river water. Here is how to go about it:

  • The first thing to do is to buy bottles from a material vendor. Use the scythe symbol on the map to identify the vendors location. And when you buy these bottles, keep in mind that the number you need should be commensurate with the volume of water you plan to gather.
  • Once you get these bottles, locate a fresh water source. This could be a river, pond, or fountain.
  • After locating a fresh water source, enter it. Then, right-click on the bottle in your inventory to start gathering water into it. This activity will require energy, just like most gathering activities in this game. So, stock up your energy levels before proceeding.
  • If you want to level up your processing skill and increase it to professional 1, set the gathering action to auto-repeat. Asides the increment, doing this is also a good way to improve your life fame so you can collect the level fame bonus.
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You can set the gathering action to auto-repeat by clicking on the small box beside the gathering bar tagged “Repeat Drawing Water.” Consequently, the gathering action will continue until any of the following takes place:

  • You run out of bottles
  • You manually stop the process, or
  • Your character’s energy level is depleted.
  • Finally, filter the fresh water you have gathered. To do this, simply press L on your controller.

Note: Each bottle of water you filter will produce an average of 2.5 purified water even at processing skill level artisan 1.

Wild Grass or Weed

Obtaining a large quantity of wild grass/weed is not an easy task. To do it, you will have to travel to several places and gather different types of fruit/herb tree you come across.

A simple approach you can use is to locate an NPC farm with multiple gathering spots. You will find one such farm around the Northern Plantation to the northeast of Calpheon.

Apart from gathering, there is another way to obtain this ingredient. This method is to simply buy it from the central marketplace.

You will find that it is available abundantly, and for cheap, too. So, if you will rather avoid the time and effort you need to gather this item by yourself, head to the central market and make your purchases.


You can buy salt for 20 silver at the Tavern Vendor in any city within the game.

How to Prepare Clear Liquid Reagent from these Ingredients?

Once you have collected the materials you need, you can finally get down to producing the clear liquid reagent you want. And the good thing is that it is an easy enough procedure as all you have to do is mix everything you have in an alchemy utensil.

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However, you have to have some things in place. These things are:

  • Acquire a residence.
  • Buy an alchemy tool and install it in your newly acquired residence. (You can also craft the tool).
  • Click on the “r” beside the tool.
  • Next, put the ingredients you’ve mixed together in the tool. Keep in mind that you should put only the required amount of ingredients in the tool window.
  • After doing the above, click on either “Start Alchemy” or “Batch Production.” Start Alchemy will result in the production of one batch of clear liquid reagent. On the other hand, the batch production will result in the production of multiple batches of the reagent. The number of batches you will be able to manufacture depends on the quantity of ingredients in your inventory, as well as the durability of your tool.

Uses of Clear Liquid Reagent

As already mentioned, the clear liquid reagent serves as an ingredient in several alchemical recipes. Some of these recipes are:

Elixir of burn removal; Perfume of courage; Imperfect alchemy stone of destruction; Sinner’s blood; Perfume of swiftness; Alchemy stone shard; Elixir of mentality; Elixir if perforation; Metal solvent; Leather glaze; Elixir of frenzy, and many more.

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