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10 PPC Strategies You Should Not Overlook


The Pay Per Click strategy is used by e-commerce sites to promote their brands on the internet. Like the name suggests, the advertiser is only billed when people click on the campaign. PPC campaigns are efficient in that they generate a lot of traffic that can be converted into customers.

Succeeding with PPC ads does not come easily. This is because there are many ads that are competing for the same spot. In fact, such competition can make you earn zero ROI (Return on Investment). The good news is that there are a few things you can do to have an edge over your competitors. If you use the tricks outlined below, you ads will always make it to the top of the rankings most of the time.

Create Multiple Ads

You can’t depend on a single ad when there is stiff competition out there among businesses. In fact, relying on one ad will only narrow your chances of attracting any visitors. Since there is no guarantee that you ad will succeed, it’s advisable you create several ads so that you can capture the leads that are missed in either of the campaigns. It’s like using multiple baits to trap the same fish in the ocean.

Use Keywords

Keywords are the common phrases that are used by internet users to search for information. Google actually monitors these phrases to determine who will see your ads. Most internet users like to ignore ads that are not straight forward. If you want your ads to be viewed more often, you should consider integrating them with keywords that have low competition.

Be Patient

Most advertisers give up after their campaigns have run for a few days without yielding any results. Maybe it’s because they have unrealistic expectations. They assume that people will start trooping to their store once their ads have gone live. To avoid such disappointments, you should be prepared to run your ads for at least a month. After all, success doesn’t happen in an overnight.

Manage Your Ads Regularly

Although ads continue to hunt for traffic even when you are asleep, you should never sit back and wait for the magic to happen. Remember, ads are so dynamic probably because the search engines keep moving the goal post. You analyze your ads at the end of every week so that you can identify the gainers and losers. The losers should not be allowed to continue rallying because they are only hurting your pockets. You should also fine tune your keywords and amend the budget where necessary.

Try Other Search Engines

When you do the same thing over and over, the results remain the same. You should not rely on one search engine only. That’s like putting your eggs in one basket. Even if Google is the most popular search engine in the cyber space, there is no harm in trying the other search engines such as BING. As an entrepreneur, all you want is to be seen by the masses regardless of the engine they use to look for information.

Use Email Ads

Almost everyone has an email address that’s reserved for the purpose of communication. Email ads can easily be mistaken to be part of unread emails. This is because they are usually placed at the top of the inbox. As a matter of fact, it’s only the hyperlink text that sets them apart from the rest of the email contents. These ads can be very reliable when you want to reach out to the right audience.

Design Captivating Ads

When drafting an advert, you should focus on hitting the nail on the head. An ad that’s not captivating will definitely not attract the attention of internet users. The ad description text should elaborate on what you have to offer. For instance, if you are a child custody attorney, you should include a statement that explains how you help couples solve child custody issues.

Improve Speed of Your Website

If your website takes ages to load, it will encourage your visitors to bounce away to another portal that loads at a much faster speed. Remember, traffic that doesn’t convert doesn’t add any value to your business. You should therefore test the speed of your website to ensure that it loads at lightning speeds to keep bounce rate at bay.

Optimize for Mobile

Nowadays most people use their mobile phones to browse the internet. This is because they can browse from any location. In fact latest reports imply that the number of people that browse using computers and laptops has reduced drastically. If your website is not already optimized to run on mobile platforms, you should consider consulting a reliable web developer such as Maxburst.

YouTube Ads

Videos have of late become a phenomenon. People all over the world love watching short and long video clips. YouTube is the mother all video sharing sites. This is because it has a large following that continues to grow every other day. When you select a video that you want to watch, you are first shown the advert and then given the option of skipping after 5 minutes. What this means is that you can’t stream any video without first watching the ad for at least 5 minutes.

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