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Placing The Auto Industry On The Internet Of Things


No industry is exempt from the development of technology and the implementation of new software development. The auto industry is a key example of this as smart cars are becoming the latest interest and demand by consumers. Having a car that pairs with your smartphone and offers you extensive safety and navigational benefits is the new standard in cars.

Tech development companies across the world are beginning to create software that helps build the perfect smart car. As the auto industry attempts to implement the Internet of Things (IoT) so do software development companies attempt to assist in this transition. Automotive software development is a thing of the modern world and companies like intellias are working to create a better car for a better future.

When is Automotive Software Development Necessary?

As new technology continues to be developed and expanded upon, so grows the need for further software development from tech companies to help implement and perfect this technology. Research and development methods are constantly in demand for automotive advancements. Once a new technology is developed – machine learning for example – ample testing and development are necessary to keep this software working and effective.

Applications that focus on navigation like GPS are in constant need of further research and development from tech companies. They rely on accurate and up to date information about the roads and routes that a person can take and once they begin to falter with no continued development processes, systems of navigation begin to become useless.

Features of Automotive Development

Some of the most useful advancements the automotive industry has experienced are now listed as common features of modern cars and trucks. Tech companies like intellias continue to expand upon and perfect these features as car companies demand more. Below are listed three of the most necessary features of any smart car.

  • Machine learning – Cars that have the ability to drive themself are becoming a popular addition to the road lately. Cars like these, or simply cars that can analyze traffic patterns and see what’s around them, are in need of machine learning systems and AI. These programs allow the car to keep the passenger safe as it takes note of what is around you and makes the necessary adjustments to avoid the issue.
  • Security – Break-ins and theft are all too common for car owners. Having a car with ample security systems implemented will save the car owner from the heartache and stress that tends to follow a break-in. Advanced security systems make it more difficult for theft or break in to occur and keep you and your car safe.

Navigation – With the use of smartphones and GPS, the use of maps and prior knowledge about how to get to your destination has dropped drastically. Good or bad, this does lead to an easier experience for the driver as the route is displayed in live time right in front of you as you travel. Having an updated and accurate navigational system will help you avoid traffic and accidents as you move along.

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