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How To Pick The Ideal Influencers For Your Blogger Outreach Campaign


Did you know that businesses are making $5.20 for every $1 spent on influence marketing?

This includes an estimated 63% of businesses who budget for influence marketing intending to increase their spend in this area in 2020.

Clearly, if you want to increase your reach and engagement with consumers this year as well as boost your sales, then you need an effective blogger outreach strategy that begins with finding the ideal influencers for your brand.

Keep reading to discover how you can start working with the best influencers and bloggers today, and watch as you reap the benefits tomorrow.

Know Your Audience

Before you start to research what type of blogger or influencer you would like to associate your brand with, you first need to understand exactly who your target audience are, what they want from your business, and what they want from an influencer.

For example, if you are a fashion brand, are your products aimed towards the younger generation, moms and middle-aged women, or older men?  It’s important that you know what demographic you are targeting.

You also need to ensure that the influencers and bloggers you choose to work with have the same target audience as your business does. Otherwise you will fail to connect with them.

The better you understand your audiences’ needs, the more effective choice you can make when choosing an influencer.

Evaluate Potential Influences

Now that you know your own audience, you now start to evaluate potential influencers and how they could be of value to your business.

There are several elements that you need to take into consideration when evaluating an influencer or blogger. These include:

  • Their reach: you want to ensure that you pick an influencer who has a strong number of followers.
  • Their engagement: even if a blogger has tens of thousands of followers, if they are not engaged in the content posted then they will not be useful to you as a brand.
  • The authenticity of their recommendations: choosing a blogger or influencer who will endorse anything, regardless of its quality or relevance, is not a good idea as their followers will be unlikely to have much trust in their opinions.
  • Their niche: you want to pick an influencer whose niche directly aligns with your business. Having a super-targeted audience means you are much more likely to engage with their followers and build long-lasting relationships.

Where to Look for Potential Influencers?

You may be tempted to head straight to the most popular celebrity influencers and bloggers; however, not only are you unlikely to be chosen to work with these brands that are constantly bombarded with requests, you are also unlikely to be able to engage with their followers even if you were successful.

If you are unsure about where to start and would like a little helping hand,, a digital marketing agency that specializes in blogger outreach, can connect you with the perfect influencers as well as help you build a solid working relationship with them.

Other places you can look for influencers for your blogger outreach campaign include:

  • Social media: look for brands that have already mentioned you in their content as they will probably be happy to work with you.
  • Using hashtags: search for hashtags that are relevant to your brand as this may lead you to suitable influencers.

If you find an influencer or blogger who you think would complement your brand, take some time to read through their content, evaluate their niche, check their number of followers and their engagement rate.

If it all adds up, then you are ready to make contact. Good luck!

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