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How PhotoWorks Simplifies Your Photo Editing Process Through AI Tech: A Review


One of the major advantages that artificial intelligence technology brings to the table is its ability to automate, run, and execute on powerful algorithms. In photo editing, what this ends up looking like is one-shot button pressing to get spectacular results. Seriously, click a few buttons and you have an incredibly unique, fantastic-looking photo with little to no further post-processing work to be done. The PhotoWorks software is an automatic photo editor that uses AI tech, making it easy to learn, easy to navigate, and user-friendly for complete beginners. We’re going to do a deep dive into how PhotoWorks simplifies the editing process and what features to expect out of it.

How Does PhotoWorks Simplify the Editing Process, Exactly?

When it comes to the post-production of a photograph, typically photographers would need to manually make edits to the various segments of an image. They may need to change the hue of a grouping of pixels, blend the background, sharpen the foreground, or manually edit the underlying data to get just the right amount of contrast, hue, and shadow. The PhotoWorks photo editor for computers, takes the manual processing that you would do and wraps it up into one-click or few-click actions, allowing the built-in artificial algorithm to take care of the processing work that you would normally do. So, instead of blending pixels together to get a different result or adjusting the hues for a warmer skin tone, you simply change these areas with one-click. What is the benefit of this?

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PhotoWorks Simplify the Editing Process

  • This photo editor for PC allows beginners and professionals an easy-in and easy-out editing process, as the PhotoWorks software has an intuitive interface makes it easy to produce stunning photography.
  • The built-in algorithms reduce how much time you spend within this photo editing software for PC, so you end up saving a lot of time.
  • PhotoWorks does not skimp on the features. All of the professionals tools you come to expect with high-end, household named editors, are present. Distortion & color correction? Check. Background change tool? Check. Tone mapping? Check!

So, What Features Can I Expect to Get Out of Using PhotoWorks?

  • A Redesigned Self Portrait Enhancer – Portrait Magic. This AI-based module is fantastic for photographers who need software that will detect each individual person within an image. PhotoWorks uses facial recognition technology to highlight individual facial features, so that you can change, hone, and fix each individual section. This means that you can whiten teeth, remove blemishes, increase skin warmth/cool, add color to the lips and cheeks, or even boost a smile. You can remove red eye, tone down oily skin, and even smooth out skin where it is needed. This is done with sliders and buttons that are easy to use.

Redesigned Self Portrait Enhancer

  • Enhance Those Colors. Ever had an image where the blues were just a little too saturated or the photograph was too warm because of red? With PhotoWorks 3D LUT color correction options, you can change up the color balance in your image to give it a whole new look. Normally you would have to manually adjust the tone and colors, but with PhotoWorks, photo editor app for PC, you simply use its fully-automated color correction options to change up how the lighting, exposure, temperature, and color works.
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Enhace colors

  • Remove Undesirable Objects from Images. The PhotoWorks Healing Brush allows you to paint over an element that you want removed from the image, and the software will blend it into the background for you.
  • Background Not Working? Change it Completely! Sometimes the real-world background that your subject is standing against is not quite the one you want. Rather than going through the process of finding a new location, just change it in PhotoWorks with the background changing tool.
  • Want Artistic Flair? 180+ Creative Options. PhotoWorks comes with a built-in library of over 180 photo filters and effects. Whether you are looking for a black and white filter, a vintage look, or want to theme your image after a popular movie, PhotoWorks has you covered.

Artistic Flair

While PhotoWorks does use modern artificial technology and complex algorithms within the system to aid you in touching up your photography, don’t let this overwhelm you. The user-interface works in a tab-format design, similar to what you would see on word processing software, so you can easily and quickly move from one tab to another and one section of your post-processing work to another. Want to enhance your image? Tab one. Want to fix up the composition or retouch the photo? See tab two and three. Want to add in effects or captions? Tab four and five has what you are looking for. Simply flip through and use the sliders on the left until you get your desired result. It’s easy to learn, easy to navigate, and is packed full of features for both beginners and professionals alike.

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