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Photo Magnets Vs Photo Booth


Weddings, birthdays, Christmas parties, and family reunions are special events that everyone wants to remember for a long time. Thanks to the advanced technology of our age, we can easily capture these moments in photographs and have them last a lifetime. In this article we are going to discuss the best way to capture memories and make your events memorable!

Why Photo Booths Might Not Be the Best Option?

We all love memories, especially when it comes to beautiful events that mark important milestones in our lives. When it comes to planning an event, most people rely on the good old photo booths where their guests can sit down, have their picture taken, and grab a small sheet of printed photos on their way out. However, there are many reasons why this concept of photo booths is no longer so convenient.

For starters, a photo booth takes a lot of space and, depending on the size of the room where your event is being held, you might have to place the photo booth in the hallway or elsewhere. Even if you find a good spot for the booth somewhere in the corner of the room, people might not like the idea of having to wait in line for their pictures to be taken. Besides, photos printed in photo booths are very small and fade over time. No one wants a memory that will fade away.

Meet the Perfect Solution

Magnet-Me is the perfect solution for event planners who want to take their birthday parties, weddings or business meetings to the next level. This event photography service is the newest and most unique way to capture beautiful moments and make them last forever. Magnet photos provided by this service are more natural, as they are taken spontaneously.

Magnet-Me lets you share the best moments and memories from your events with the people closest to you. The best part is that the magnets are made instantly, you don’t have to wait for days to have them printed and delivered. Your guests will have a chance to look at the photo magnets on the spot and take away the ones they like. This way, everyone will get to take a souvenir home and have something to remind them of the wonderful time they had at your party.

Thanks to this unique event photography service, your guests don’t have to wait in line to have their picture taken. Professional photographers will capture important moments and spontaneous memories as the event goes by and print them on magnets in no time! Photos on magnets are made of highest quality material so you won’t have to worry about your memories fading away. Besides, you can place the magnets on your fridge or a magnetic board so they never get lost!

How Magnet-Me Works

The Magnet-Me team consists of highly trained professional photographers and graphic designers. The way their service works is quite simple. Upon contacting them about your upcoming event, you will get to work with the graphic designers to create a photo frame that suits the theme of the event. You can choose from a variety of different magnet frames and even add custom fonts to personalize the final product.

Once you’ve created the perfect design with the help from a professional designer, your work is done. Everything else will be handled by the professional staff members at Magnet-Me. Once your event starts, a team of professional photographers will walk around the venue and capture moments using state-of-the-art photography equipment. As soon as the pictures are taken, they are transferred to the staff’s computer where they get further edited and printed on high quality magnets.

The team will place their magnetic board at the center of the room where every guest will have an opportunity to see the printed products. Every 20 minutes, one of the team members is going to add a new batch of freshly printed magnets to the board. From there, the guests can look at the photo magnets and take away the ones they like the most.

Once the event is over, you will receive a package of all magnets printed that day, as well as a USB containing all photos in high resolutions. You can then keep the souvenirs to yourself or give them away as a gift. The best part about the Magnet-Me event photography service is that they offer unlimited amounts of photos at each event, as well as an unlimited amount of printed magnets. Each magnet measures 4×3 inches in size and features custom graphic designs.


Why choose a basic photo booth solution when you can become the best event planner in your family with the Magnet-Me event photography service? Your guests are going to love the idea of taking home a magnet souvenir with their photo on it. All you need to do is contact the staff members of the service via their official website and discuss your plans for the upcoming events. The friendly staff at Magnet-Me will assist you throughout the whole process and make sure everything goes as planned.

Besides an unlimited amount of photographs and magnets, you will receive a USB with all photos saved in one folder. These magnets are made of highest quality material that will last a lifetime. Every time you look at your fridge, you will be reminded of the amazing time you had at your event, whether it was a wedding, birthday party, family reunion or a Christmas party. This unique photography service will take your events to the next level with the most creative photography solution in the event-planning industry.

Who needs an old photo booth when you can bring some originality to the party and give your guests something special to take home? There is no doubt that people are going to love your event when they hear about the special souvenirs you have planned for them! Contact Magnet-Me via the contact form on their website to further discuss how their service can help you host the best party of the year.

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