6 Personal Finance Tools I’m Using To Transform My Savings

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 8 Min Read
personal finance tools to transform your savings

Technology allows us to get things done more quickly and efficiently in our fast-paced life and continually expanding environment, saving time, energy, and other resources. Personal budgeting should be a regular practice and almost a habit in our lives, but few individuals do so regrettably. The digital industry has taken note of mobile app development and offered us tools to handle our finances with comfort and simplicity.

I decided to try out some personal budget financial tools a few years ago, and I’ve significantly increased my savings since then. The agencies listed below are what I used to manage my money with ease, and I encourage you to check them out as well.

1. PayStubsNow

As a business owner, you should understand the necessity of having a thorough breakdown of your workers’ pay; it is a basic tenet of good bookkeeping practice. It also aids in the avoidance of legal issues, as your employees will be able to verify and ensure that their paychecks are error-free. In addition, you will have access to your workers’ pay and hour records for any future needs. You may do all this by creating pay stubs using a check stub maker on PayStubsNow

The pay stub provides a complete summary of the paycheck. The paystub will account for everything, whether it’s applicable taxes or the number of hours your employee worked. Pay stubs are a visual representation of how an employee’s salary was determined. One of the most important contributions of the paystub is that it removes any uncertainty from employees’ minds about how their wages are calculated. Pay stubs used to be paper-based paychecks, but they’ve evolved into digital records stored in the payroll software that your company uses.

2. GoodBudget

The notion of shared envelope budgeting is used by this budgeting tool. Its virtual monitoring tool lets you stay up with friends and family by synchronizing shares and budgets, saving for large purchases, and paying off debt. Thanks to its user-friendly UI, the software makes it simple to categorize your typical monthly costs from yearly savings objectives and unpredictable expenses.

It’s worth noting that this software does not sync transactions with your financial institutions, so you’ll have to enter any amount that comes in or goes out manually. Another benefit of this software is that it allows you to generate custom reports to track budget patterns and provide valuable recommendations on making a budget and staying ahead of your costs.

3. Piggyvest

Piggyvest is based on the conventional, easy-to-understand concept of a piggybank. It allows you to use the ‘piggybank’ feature to help you attain your personal savings goals. Other features include ‘Target Savings,’ which lets you save for numerous objectives such as holidays, fees, and special events, and ‘SafeLock,’ which safeguards your funds by locking them until you pre-select them, preventing impulsive purchasing.

You can also invest in small amounts that one may afford while receiving the same rate of return as a well-co-invested alternative. Piggyvest vets and secures every choice, and you may keep track of your investments at any time. This application is situated in Nigeria and accepts all Nigerian debit cards.


You Need a Budget, abbreviated as YNAB, is personal finance software that teaches you how to manage your finances. ‘Give every money a job,’ says the overarching premise. A dollar is saved for a specific reason, which may be long or short term. It aims to break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck life.

One of the benefits of this tool is that it displays the user’s financial reports and syncs transactions, allowing users to categorize their earnings quickly. It takes a proactive approach to budget rather than a reactive one. YOu work for each dollar you earn, whether you spend or save it. Its instructional and philosophical approach to money management has helped it acquire popularity, with over a million downloads.

5. Carbon

If you required a small amount of cash to deal with an emergency but believed it was impossible to get a loan in such a short length of time, you’ll be thrilled to hear this. There’s a smartphone app that can let you receive that “little cash” without the hassle and have it transferred immediately into your account in 24 hours or less. Carbon is the name of the app.

This software, formerly known as Paylater, is a personal finance and lending service that allows you to conduct bill payments and money transfers quickly. It is designed to assist users in better understanding their spending patterns and learning how to categorize revenue and costs to get complete financial management. With this app, you may acquire a short-term loan for as little as $25 and as much as $1200. It not only makes it simple to recharge your phone, transfer money, and get short-term loans, but it also allows users to invest with Payvest and earn up to 16 percent every year. Google Play Store is where you’ll find it.

6. Mint

This tool is one of the most well-known personal finance applications ever. This software has been praised for its user-friendly layout and specific features. It provides a more graphical interface with a color-coded system that effortlessly helps users navigate the app. Users can track bank, credit card, investment, loan, and other activities through a single user interface with this personal money management tool.

A significant benefit of this tool is that it automatically syncs with your financial institutions to track user expenses and provides frequent reminders to ensure that you stay on top of payments. Users may establish categories, manage budgets, and set financial objectives with its features, which are based on economic data and transactions. It encourages people to save money by proposing credit cards and insurance offers. The program is touted to be safe, with high-level encryption and financial institution-level security. It was initially created for iOS, but in recent years, an Android version has been released.


Setting up a budget might be just as dull as going on a diet for some individuals. Others get a feel-good dopamine surge from making a spending plan. This budgeting software can be helpful to remote tools to help you reach your financial objectives, regardless of your financial situation. I strongly recommend you use a check stub maker to make pay stubs. It is the simplest, most complete method to understand where your money is going and prepare for future spending.

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