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PC Matic Review: Everything You Need to Know


According to Forbes, as you will see in this article – – cybersecurity is one of the most important concerns in this digital age. To be protected, one of your best lines of defense would be the use of a top-rated antivirus program.

Basically, with an antivirus, your device will be protected from external threats, including malware and spyware, among others. Nonetheless, it should be noted that they are not all the same in terms of their benefits and capabilities. A lot are making false promises to lure buyers. Sadly, a lot of people fall trap into aggressive marketing.

Looking for the best antivirus to use? You might be overwhelmed with the long list of possibilities, but one option that should be on your radar is PC Matic. Read the rest of this review and we’ll share some insights that will help you come up with a decision.


PC Matic is used by millions of users all over the globe. Basically, there are two main versions of the program. There is one that is meant for home use and one is for business. It has been given top scores for providing protection against malware. There are also several pricing options, which will be discussed later.

One of the best things about PC Matic is the use of an exclusive whitelisting technology. Basically, the latter is a better alternative to the conventional blacklisting technology that is being used by most of its competitors.

In terms of its capabilities, it performs spyware, malware, and ransomware scans, which are pretty much standard for antivirus programs available on the market. It also has the ability to scan corrupted emails through a comprehensive scan. Plus, you will also have peace of mind knowing that everything you download in your computer is protected.

Antivirus That’s Easy to Use

While there are many good things about PC Matic, one worth highlighting is the fact that it is user-friendly. It is free of complications. The installation can be accomplished in a snap. There is no need to do things manually. Once the set-up has been completed, it will perform automatic scans. The best thing is that while it does it in the background, it won’t negatively impact the speed of your computer.

Affordable Prices for Everyone

Among others, one of the best things about PC Matic is their affordable pricing, making it available for everyone. If you would like to sign-up for their virus protection for homes, the annual fee is $50. On the other hand, if you want virus protection for life, you only have to pay a one-time fee of $150.

If you are a business or a government user, on the other hand, you should choose the PC Matic Pro.

Security That Is Hard To Match

Looking at the features and benefits of PC Matic, it goes without saying that security is one of its strongest points. After all, this is what it intends to provide. This security is attributed to whitelisting technology. This is the one that allows it to provide real-time protection from ransomware. It creates a list of allowable programs. When a program is not on the list, it won’t run. Instead, it will be sent to the research team of the company. In turn, it will be tested to assess the threats.

No More Malicious Ads

With PC Matic, you will have complete online experience when you are surfing the web. One of the reasons for this is the ability of the program to get rid of malicious ads. These days, the attacks became more advanced, which will make them cause a problem even if you do not click on the ad directly, which is why it is necessary to have a powerful ad blocker like PC Matic. You will also be free from annoying pop-up ads with PC Matic.

Automatic Maintenance of your Computer

Another thing that makes PC Matic exceptional is the ability to provide automated maintenance of your computers. There is no need to do it manually or to be reminded when it is time to do so. This will be done by PC Matic on its own. Every time it performs a virus scan, it also automatically maintains your PC. Some of the things that it does include removal of junk files, optimization of broadband, defragmentation of discs, cleaning of a registry, updating of drives, and fixing vulnerabilities, among others.

Multi-Language Support

Another part where the company excels would be when it comes to its multiple languages that are available. Aside from English, other available languages include Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, and French.

Limited Support

While it seems to be great software for antivirus protection, there are also some drawbacks. With this, one of the biggest issues with PC Matic is that it is only for computers. There is no version of the program that can support tablets and smartphones.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

If you are still not convinced that PC Matic will be a good choice for antivirus, you might have a change of mind after learning about the guarantee of satisfaction that is offered by the manufacturer. You have 30 days to try it for free. If you are unhappy, all that you need to do is to unsubscribe so that you won’t be billed for the next period. If you have already made a prior payment, the manufacturer will issue an unconditional refund.

Wrap Up

Indeed, as it has been mentioned in this post, PC Matic is one of the top antivirus programs to consider. Truth be told, there are better alternatives that are available. However, at its price range, this will make an affordable option for antivirus program that does not compromise performance. If you want to have peace of mind, PC Matic is to the rescue!

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