PC Gaming Must-Haves For Beginners

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pc gaming must haves for beginners

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a proper gaming setup.

The right setup will not only help you to play smoothly but will also prepare you to properly play your favorite games. I have got you covered here with the best and affordable PC gaming must-haves for beginners.

Get the right Gaming PC

PC gaming is preferred by many gamers because it offers smooth gameplay and you can use your mouse and keyboard to control your games. In order to play the latest and upcoming triple-a-games effectively, invest in the best gaming PC with cutting edge technology based on;

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Types of games you want to play

If you don’t want to build your gaming PC from scratch, then, you can purchase a pre-built PC for gaming. There are many gaming PCs on the market right now with excellent hardware features at affordable prices.

Here are a few components to check out:

  • The monitor should have a good resolution like 1080p or 4k.  It is one of the important features of a gaming monitor. Higher resolution results in clear images; hence, you can enjoy your games.
  • A monitor with a high refresh rate like 120 hertz offers smooth gameplay since images are shown very quickly. It’s a good feature if you like playing fast-paced games.
  •       You can get Intel i7 or i5 CPU– this is a worthy investment since it will give an awesome performance throughout.
  • At least 8Gb of RAM– it is a fast memory to speed up your gaming PC
  • 1TB HDD– this storage capacity is enough for all types of gamers. It is large enough to store all your games
  •     Get the latest NVidia or AMD GPU– these are 2 major GPU players. They can easily handle all games.
  • A cooling fan– PC cooling is essential. Gaming generates a lot of heat which needs to be taken away for optimum performance of your PC.
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A Gaming mouse

A good gaming mouse will enable you to play at your best. A mouse designed for serious gamers comes with the following features;

  • It gives extra accuracy and response to enable you to win your games especially the fast-paced ones
  • A regular mouse uses an optical sensor with LED whereas a gaming mouse uses laser sensors
  • Gaming mice come with extra buttons to use as hotkeys or shortcuts
  • Compared to a regular mouse, a gaming mouse has amazing ergonomic designs to fit in different hand sizes.

Gaming monitor

Invest in a gaming monitor if you prefer to customize your own PC gaming setup. Getting started with gaming requires the right gaming monitor.

Here are the specifications to look out for:

  • It should have at least 144-hertz refresh rate for smoother response time
  • Support freesync technology to reduce screen tearing
  • Have a high resolution so you can enjoy your gameplay
  • Have HDR support and G-synch compatibility
  • Comes with USB ports for connecting your phone or  other devices
  • Has 21 by 9 aspect ratio

Fully Mechanical Keyboard

A fully mechanical keyboard has become popular for gaming as it provides a better gaming experience compared to a non-gaming keyboard. The beauty of mechanical keyboards is that each keystroke has its mechanical switch for fast registering.

Mechanical keyboards vary in price depending on their designs.

Quality gaming headsets

Having a pair of good headsets (wired or wireless) will offer a high-quality sound and this will enhance your gaming experience.

If you pair it with a microphone, you can communicate with your fellow players.

A comfortable gaming chair

A gaming setup is never complete without a gaming chair. The chair should encourage good posture. It should be designed with comfort in mind to reduce back pains.

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These are crucial features considering most gamers sit for long periods in front of their computers.

Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • It should allow better body posture and movement
  • Have height adjustability
  •       Have the ability to recline, so players can sit back and relax while playing their games
  • Have lumbar support and backrest

PC gaming Set up with Beautiful Cable management

To keep your battle station looking tidy at all times, you need a cable organizer. Poor cable management can make your devices hard to match with their cords or even cause tripping accidents.

Get your cables organized with a cable manager.

Final Words

As a beginner in PC gaming, you do not need to invest in the most expensive ones. Just make sure that if you will buy affordable ones, the features for each must-have mentioned above are met, so you would have a good gaming experience. Good luck on purchasing the must-haves.

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