Overview of Software Products Developed by iSi Technology

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overview of software products developed by isi technology

iSi Technology is a technology advancement organization that has contributed to improving software and technology in specific industries. These are billing, safety, homecare, and medical transportation industries. It achieves this by creating software products that solve certain real-world problems.

The next section discusses some of the software products that the company has developed.

An Overview of Software Products Developed by iSi Technology

iSi Technology has developed many products across the years. Below is an overview of some of these products.

Medical Insurance Billing Software

Billing is a highly difficult operation in the medical industry. This is because many medical providers support manual payment or the use of inefficient software even though they work with thousands of payers. As such, billing processes are often unpleasant and frustrating.

Claimgenix is a medical insurance software created by iSi Technology. It functions by smoothening payment processes in medical industries, thereby ensuring that payers no longer have issues with payment.

Features of Claimgenix

This interesting software offers numerous features. They include:

  • Claimgenix eliminates the stress associated with billing processes.
  • All insurance claims are submitted electronically. Therefore, there is a fast turnaround rate and fewer errors compared with other billing methods.
  • It enables you to submit claims to more than 48,000 payers; therefore, it simplifies billing and reimbursements processes.
  • Claimgenix scans every claim to detect inaccuracies, thereby ensuring that there is a high rate of clean claims.
  • If there’s an error in any claim, the software returns it to the claimant immediately with an explanation of what the error is to enable them to resubmit quickly.


Claimgenix is an incredible insurance billing software. It has numerous advantages, some of which are:

  • It automatically downloads and imports claim data.
  • It provides custom reports that provide access to your company’s statistics.
  • Claimgenix automatically modifies itself to suit the industry requirements and codes of each state.
  • It submits claims quickly, thus saving you time and money.

NEMT Software

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) providers perform incredibly important work every day. They help citizens who can’t drive or access safe transportation to and from their medical appointments with transport.

This industry, however, encounters numerous challenges daily, some of which are quite overwhelming. These include properly scheduling and routing trips, dispatching these trips, and billing clients. Luckily, iSi Technology has NEMT software, known as RouteGenie, which enhances efficiency while reducing the costs required to optimize the entire operation.

Features of RouteGenie NEMT Software

RouteGenie is a non-emergency medical transportation software that is designed to improve your company’s operations. These include scheduling, routing, dispatching, as well as driver and vehicle management.

It has numerous features, including the following:

  • RouteGenie helps you execute all your company’s trips to the utmost satisfaction.
  • It automates every part of your operation, thereby guaranteeing a seamless process.
  • It helps to create a highly logical schedule that is based on each vehicle’s capacity.
  • It modifies your trips in real-time depending on different factors, such as no-shows, driver call-offs, and new trip requests for live dispatches.
  • It simplifies billing with its electronic payment options, thus enabling you to track your invoices and allowing your clients to pay instantly.


RouteGenie NEMT software is great for all business types, whether small or big. Its operations can be tailored to your business needs, thereby providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

The following are some of the advantages it provides:

  • It assesses each client’s needs to determine the type of vehicle they need to save dispatchers time and effort.
  • It creates digital invoices for each client, thus enabling them to pay as soon as they can.
  • It calculates the fastest route the dispatcher can take based on traffic and mileage.
  • It identifies the best locations for pick-up and drop-off points for every trip.

Homecare Billing Software

Several homecare companies exist today to prevent older citizens from being sent to nursing homes. These facilities offer numerous services to enable them to cater to the delicate and diverse needs of their patients. Some of these services are home health aides, nursing care, professional caregivers, respite care, Alzheimer’s care, and hygiene assistance.

There are different methods through which payments can be made for these services. Although the specific method can sometimes be determined by the rendered service and the client’s financial situation. Regardless, Claimgenix homecare billing software provides a modern, efficient way for licensed homecare service agencies (LCHSA) to bill their services.

Features of Claimgenix Medical Insurance Software

Claimgenix homecare billing software is very similar to its medical insurance billing counterpart. Its primary function is to make homecare billing services easy for you and your clients.

Some of the features of this software are:

  • Claimgenix is available in the United States.
  • It can submit claims to more than 48,000 payers, regardless of the insurance platform the specific client bills with.
  • Each claim is collected and processed electronically, which saves time and money.
  • It simplifies your company’s operations.
  • It sorts out bills efficiently and accurately.
  • It understands unique codes and their importance depending on the state you reside in.


Claimgenix is designed to make every aspect of your job easier. It achieves this through its numerous features that focus on enhancing your user experience, among others.

Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • It safeguards user information with its HIPAA-compliant software.
  • It downloads and imports claim data automatically.
  • The software doesn’t require downloads or installations as it can be accessed directly from your web browser.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is available in every part of the United States.
  • It submits claims quickly to facilitate quick reimbursement, thus saving you time and money.

How Software Products are Developed

iSi Technology focuses on solving problems and making the world a better place. They aim to achieve this through the creation of new technologies, the perfect software, and practical products. The company understands that this is not an easy feat to achieve. So, they focus on providing solutions to real-world problems that truly matter.

To facilitate the development of new products, iSi Technology adheres to an already laid down structure. These are:

Step One – Identify the problem

The first step is to identify the problem that needs to be solved. This problem doesn’t have to be huge. It can be trivial, but it must make a big difference.

Step Two – Research solutions

Next, the entire team has to come up with solution ideas. Here, they brainstorm different ways to solve the identified problem. While doing this, they ensure to keep their options and their minds open. They are also innovative with each idea.

Step Three – Check for efficacy

This is perhaps the hardest step as it is where every proposed idea is tested to check its efficacy. Regardless of how innovative an idea is, it is eliminated if it doesn’t work efficiently.

Step Four – Create a timeline/map of each development step

While it may seem unnecessary at first, creating a clear timeline/map for each technology is vital. It enables each development team to stay focused and on schedule with their project.

Step Five – Build the solution

Here, the approved solution idea is made into a software product. At this stage, lines of codes are written, frontend designs are integrated, and test environments are created.

Step Six – Promote and launch

After several months of attempting to create a solution to real-world problems, the company has succeeded at this point. The software product is ready for use and can be released to the public.


At iSi Technology, the primary aim is to create solutions that make life easier for every human. This is exemplified in the software products we mentioned above, all of which are developed by the company.

iSi Technology develops software for four industries: Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Safety and Security, Healthcare, and Homecare.

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