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An Overview Of Hard Drive Recovery Solutions


Since the launch of the Internet, access to data has become free and convenient, available whenever you need it. Whether collecting data for your personal use or to improve and support your work, you utilize the space in your hard disk drive to save your data. Nowadays, hard drive disks have increased gigabyte after gigabyte in size. You can fill one with songs, pictures, videos, mail, necessary documents, tutorials, references – you name it, it can be located on the Internet, and this means that it could probably be in your hard drive disk.

But what if you accidentally erased all of it or even just some of it? What can you do to retrieve that data from your hard drive disk?

One of the symptoms that hard disk failure presents is the existence of error messages such as: “Primary Master Hard Disk Failure.”

As the error message states, the system is referring to an error of the primary master hard drive. It is also sometimes referred as drive 0, which entirely relies upon the number of drives installed and BIOS type.

Another message is: Hard disk has failed to correctly connect with the system, most likely because physical error. The corresponding causes can be: read or write head crash, actuator arm error, spindle motor failure, disk controller problems, firmware corruption or electronic connections. In a few cases, error in cabling could also be a main cause for this error message. These cables may turn faulty because of issues like heat, wear and tear and more.

Users are required to consider the following solutions. If the hard disk has been physically damaged, the computer user should immediately turn it off. The hard drive should be changed with a new one and data can be restored from a previous backup onto the new drive. If a backup is unavailable or has errors, free hard disk recovery service can serve the purpose of maximal recovery. If bad cabling is the problem, user can change the faulty cables with new ones.

There are actual means to retrieve your data. The simplest means is always to have a backup. If you usually burn your data into a DVD or a CD, then in the event that the data becomes erased or missing, you can go back to these other types of media storage device to recover the data you need. An external hard drive disk would be convenient for backup reasons, since many external hard drive disks have built in backup systems letting you backup your data to the external hard drive disks.

There are a lot more complicated methods. There are free hard disk recovery software programs that you can search for, that let you create images. Images are similar to snapshots of your hard drive disks. They operate in a way that is similar to backing up your hard drive disk, but they compress the data letting you save more space. There are more recent free hard disk recovery software programs that would let you recover the files. In the worst-case incidences, you would be able to search for service providers who would retrieve the data in your hard drive disk for you.

Customized assistance for hard disk recovery tools is given by different companies or sites that gather lost files from failed hard drives. A physically damaged hard drive is first opened in the clean lab environment of a room and examined to figure out the cause of error by the hard drive recovery specialists. The data recovery process is complex with different hardware, firmware and software level parts. It includes procedures like repair and changing of damaged disk internals, disk duplicating and more.

Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes to Recovering Deleted File

Modern Deleted File recovery tools have unique abilities to retrieve deleted files from the Recycle Bin or data files which were deleted through the use of shift + DEL key, and so if you can’t trace the exact location of the original files. Deleted file recovery tool will retrieve properly several files that output to be damaged by most of the recovery programs.

Dos and Don’ts that you need to consider after files have been damaged or deleted:

  • Not properly turning off the computer
  • Don’t save any files, instead, find another location for the save point of your file.
  • Closing applications without saving your data files in data storage or to the disk.

Try not to be alarmed if you do one of these. Don’t do anything with the drive that will lead to much more data loss or even worse, corruption of all files and permanent loss of data.

The most excellent data recovery software has a whole set of features which are simple enough for the first time user, and most significantly, it is very good at retrieving deleted data files. The best data recovery software also comes from a dedicated Data Recovery Company which is behind the product that gives customer satisfaction and customer support.

Keep in mind that the best software for deleted file recovery should be able to do this:

  • Retrieve files accidentally deleted from the recycle bin
  • Recover data files lost because of viruses, system malfunction, operating system error and etc.
  • Data lost because of system shutdown or power fluctuation
  • Files lost because of damaged disk
  • Recover from FAT32, File Allocation Table (FAT) and NTFS data file systems

The best deleted file recovery option is to have an external drive, removable media like flash disk, diskettes, CDs, thumb drives and memory cards for you to be able to have an extra save copy for your data files, because you will not know when will be the probable time that you will encounter computer systems error, hardware and software malfunction and power outage. Even when you do paperwork on the computer, don’t forget to save every change you make to avoid possible errors or situations.

Keep in mind that recovering deleted files is expensive; hiring a certified computer technician expert in data recovery will cost you a lot of money just for checking the possible error that occurs in your computer and another fee for repairing the errors and retrieving files. But if it does not work, don’t waste your money buying it! Be careful of deleted file recovery software that is without capability of retrieving your lost or damaged data files.

Deleted file recovery software should propose a variety of search tools, letting you discover lost data by name, size, date and extension. Deleted file recovery tool is easy to use. It does not matter how difficult the software when you look in the background. Follow the right instructions on how to utilize the recovery software for about 10 minutes, and then the possibilities are that it is not too difficult. A first timer should be able to install and operate the program and learn how to use it fast.

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