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Outsourcing From Big Companies Needing Customer Service For Small Business


We all have dreams that we want to fulfill in the near future. There are some who wants to have another degree, maybe get to the doctorate level. Others want to live a simple life, raising a family and having that domestic bliss. Still, many people dreams of travelling the world and seeing all the beauty it can offer. Some of us want to make the world a better place, teaching peace and love to everyone around us.

However, there is one dream or goal that is prevalent in every culture: The dream of becoming rich. There are so many ways of achieving this goal, from inheriting millions from ancestors to winning the lottery. These are the instantaneous ways of becoming wealthy, without the blood and effort. However, starting a business is the hardest yet the most effective way of reaching that goal – especially when you successfully establish your own brand. Read more here:

Any kind of business always starts from scratch, as nothing great ever materialized out of thin air. It is comparable to a plant; it needs love, care and nourishment before it could grow into a larger one. There a lot of things that make a company work like a good foundation and strong financial security. On the other hand, the company also needs people to work as they are the lifeblood of any institution. They are the ones doing the hard work and keep the company running and operating. However, there are certain instances wherein the company might need extra help but not for long term.

There are certain projects that can be handled only by certain experts in the field, which might not be the specialization of your company. This is where outsourcing comes in, a practice wherein companies hire external people to do project based work for a period of time. There are a lot of options for outsourcing these days, and it is not just for the large corporations.

For example, a hospital needs to conduct a marketing research to determine what are their current clients’ demographics, and their purchasing power. Usually, hospitals have research centers, but these are for medical related topics only. One way of doing this is to hire a team of researchers for the project, but they do not need to stay for a long time. Once the research is finished, the relationship between these employees and the company can be terminated.

Same thing happens if you have a small business but you do not have a dedicated team for your IT needs. Certain companies like 360ict in London offers project based people for these specialized issues. These firms are really good for small businesses that do not necessarily need a new set of employees for the meantime.

Outsourcing is also booming in the customer service sector. There are many large global companies who would rather hire people from outside for these issues. There are many reasons for this. For example, they might not have the space needed to expand for their customer service section. In this day and age, consumers have more power and they are not afraid of using it. Company reputations can change with just one group of bad reviews across the internet. This is why most of these companies are also hiring social media experts to help them know their clientele in the fastest way possible.

Most of the population nowadays already has an internet connection in their pockets which entails their access to social media as well. This can be an opportunity for companies to explore other markets and to reach out of the rest of the world. Brand recognition is very powerful these days, and social media presence can help in cementing that kind of recall to people.

As you can see, outsourcing can be an option for both large and small-scale companies. Let us also present to you some advantages of outsourcing:



Truthfully, hiring an employee can take a lot of time especially if you have a meticulous hiring process. Certain companies usually take weeks just to hire a rank and file employee. For higher positions, it tends to be longer and more tedious. This leads to a lot of vacant positions which can affect the production and performance of a company. Outsourcing for some of these positions can really help especially of the need arises. Emergency situations also factor in, and you cannot just hire anyone on the whim. This solution might be temporary but the company also has an option to absorb the outsourced employee based on his or her performance.


Most of the time, the process of hiring an individual involves company resources. For example, psychological assessments, laboratory tests, even the papers used for interviews are added to the company’s expense. It is not a bad thing as this is a form of investment. This may not be the case if you would want to outsource some of your employees. It will still entail expenses, but effort put into finding the best candidate now relies on the outsourcing firm. Just make sure that these firms produce the best employees to be referred to your company.

Specialized Training

Another thing that is offered by outsourced employees is their form of training. They usually arrive in the company already knowing what is expected of them. Thus, they are ready to tackle the responsibilities. For example, IT outsourcing firms tend to train their employees at every aspect of tech work from broken printers to servers damaged by malware. This, in turn, helps the company without the hassles of hiring another team for long term positions.

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