Outsource Data Recovery Review

Difference Between Data Recovery Software and Professional Services

If you’re looking for an effective data recovery service but you don’t feel like spending hundreds on hard drive repairs, Outsource Data Recovery is your best solution.

Hard drive failure is a common issue that can cause the loss of relevant data from your device. As if losing all your data isn’t bad enough, most recovery services will charge you 500$ or more to fix this problem. However, with Outsource Data Recovery, you don’t have to spend more than 60$ to get your hard drive repaired. Read on to learn more about this data recovery service.

What You Need to Know About Outsource Data Recovery

The Partner Program

As the name of the company implies, Outsource Data Recovery puts a lot of focus on B2B partnerships for data recovery. Having one of the largest partner programs in the data recovery industry, they offer various ways for people to partner up with them.

The company is already partnered up with more than a thousand data recovery programs, IT consultants and computer repair shops. On top of that, they have partnerships with government agencies across the United States and in 35 countries all around the world.

You can head over to their partner program section of the site to learn more about how you can team up with Outsource Data Recovery.

The Hard Drive Repair Service

Based in Cleveland, OH, the company provides an affordable yet high quality and time-efficient hard drive repair and data recovery service. It is important to emphasize that this is not a software solution for data recovery and similar issues.

It is a full service data company that consists of senior computer experts, specialized in the field of data recovery and difficult hard drive repairs. What makes Outsource Data Recovery stand out in the industry is the fact that they will help you with difficult hard drive failures when no other company will. They are capable of fixing hard drives and retrieving data even when the PCB has failed and the repair seems impossible.

Therefore, whether you’re dealing with a failed PCB or a simple firmware bug, Outsource Data Recovery will solve the problem. Even if the hard drive cannot be repaired, the experts from the company will give you a quote for data recovery. While the diagnostics of the issue takes about 48 hours, the PCB adaptation service lasts around 72 business hours.

However, for those in a rush to get their drive repaired quicker, the company provides an emergency 24 hour service. For more info, head over to their hard drive repair page.

The Data Recovery Service


The experts involved with Outsource Data Recovery have years of professional experience in the data recovery industry, dealing with a wide range of recovery projects.

With a high success rate, they are guaranteed to meet the highest standards in terms of recovery services and deliver professionally recovered data in a timely manner. Most importantly, the Outsource Data Recovery services will save you hundreds of dollars you would otherwise spend at other companies.

By prioritizing their projects, they manage to deliver their data recovery services in the most effective manner. If you are in need of urgent data recovery, the company has got you covered, as they offer emergency services for clients who need their problems fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are in a rush to get important data back from a damaged drive, you can apply for their emergency 24 hour data recovery service.

Besides, many of the company’s clients have praised their speed and efficiency, as they often complete projects way before the set date. If you’re not in need of your data to be recovered the next day, you can save even more money by applying for the economy data recovery services that last around ten business days. Learn more about their services on the site!


As an industry-leading data recovery company, Outsource Data Recovery truly sets the bar high when it comes to the quality of service and time efficiency. However, they took the lead in setting the most affordable service prices as well.

While any diagnostics service is completely free, the full hard drive repair including both PCB replacement and labor, costs only 60$. The data recovery service costs depend on the amount of data that needs to be recovered, which is why the prices range from 99$ to up to 299$. However, the whole service process is completely transparent and there are no hidden costs whatsoever.

Why Choose Outsource Data Recovery?

If you’re in need of data recovery or you’re dealing with a failed hard drive, we recommend contacting Outsource Data Recovery for a solution. Thanks to company’s professional staff members who have years of experience in the industry, your drives and data will be in safe hands.

To begin the process, simply submit your project on their submit page and they will quickly get in touch with you to discuss the possible solutions.

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