In a Pinch for Time? Opt For Local On-Site Tech Repair Over Remote Services

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Opt For Local On Site Tech Repair Over Remote Services

Imagine this: Dave is a freelance journalist who operates from his home. He strongly relies on his smoothly-functioning laptop and high-speed internet connection to earn his income. He needs his computer and Wi-Fi connection for his primary and secondary research for his articles, compiling his notes, coordinating with his clients, and finally writing his columns. Any technical issues with his computer can severely disrupt his workflow and thereby his earning.

What’s the worst that could happen?

In an unfortunate event of a system malfunction, Dave’s entire work process can come to a screeching halt. His laptop is the most critical tool of his trade, and with it not working, he won’t be able to work on his articles. He doesn’t earn a fixed salary. His monthly income depends on the number of pieces he writes every month. His monthly earnings can seriously take a hit if he doesn’t get his computer fixed as soon as possible.

What’s the best way to fix it fast?

Dave has the option of resorting to offsite or remote computer support, wherein his laptop can be accessed and repaired by a technical support professional remotely. Remote tech support uses IT tools and software that allows the certified technician to assist customers who can be located anywhere in the world. The technician sees Dave’s computer on their screen, allowing them to access his computer, identify the problem, and come up with the solution. The technician is available to communicate with the customer during the entire process.

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Remote tech support can offer services such as software and antivirus updates, adware/spyware clean up, temporary cleanup of files to free up memory, defragmentation of hard drive, startup optimization, and virus protection verification.

Here are some of the pros of remote tech support:

  • Most offer 24/7 service.
  • It has a global reach as the technician can assist a customer located anywhere in the world.

However, remote tech support has its demerits too. The most distinct disadvantage of this type of tech support is the security issues. Giving login credentials and access to a computer can lead to a severe breach of privacy and security. If the service provider is not a trustworthy one, customers can fall prey to security scams and have their confidential data stolen or misused. Another critical shortcoming of remote tech support is that it can’t help with hardware issues. For hardware issues, local on-site tech repair services are a must.

Is there a better alternative?

With local on-site tech repair services, the service provider dispatches a crew of experienced and certified professionals to the customer’s home or workplace to provide technical assistance. Local repair professionals like are a more reliable approach as there is no need to share login credentials with anyone remotely, and customers can personally verify the credentials of the technicians who visit their home. Also, the technicians are mostly able to figure out and solve the problem right then and there, as compared to remote tech support, since the technicians are physically present.

In addition to all the services mentioned above that remote tech support offers, local on-site computer repairs can handle all kinds of hardware issues, power failure, and physical damage. On-site technical support also offers services such as wireless network configuration, data recovery, and system backup. Another key advantage of having an experienced technician visiting a customer’s home is that they can tutor them about basic troubleshooting.

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There is added value where they can get some tips on how to operate their system, chat about the right software, manage backups, and share some key best practices. This will help them handle minor issues themselves as well as avoid any further technical problems by operating their system effectively and adhering to the best practices shared by the technician.

Knock Knock vs. Ping Ping

For professionals such as Dave, when it comes to computer repair, time is of the essence. Although they need a quick repair job, the quality of the repair work is essential as well. Their computers are the crucial tools of their trade, and shoddy repair work can cause system crashes—even lasting damage.

Are you in Dave’s shoes—are you also earning income from working at home? You can’t afford to lose your computer, and more importantly the vital data stored in it. Therefore, in such delicate circumstances, it’s advisable to opt for on-site tech repair services and have experienced technicians handle your expensive PC or laptop.

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