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Open A Business With Your Smartphone


So, you were left without work. Lists of vacancies are negligible, and you do not have the money to open your own business. Perhaps you don’t even have a computer to make your job search easier.

Calm down, is here to help you. We turned the whole earth upside down in order to find some solid business ideas that can be realized with the help of one smartphone and a Gmail electronic mailbox. If the circumstances rush you, then you can start realizing them tomorrow.

Well, let’s go – the world is waiting for us!


If you have a car with spacious rear seats, and you are able to keep it clean and tidy, you can open a trucking service, especially if you live in a provincial town where there is no corresponding developed infrastructure. The biggest problem here will be getting a certain category of driver license. The procedure varies in each country, so contact your local traffic police for details. Once you open a case, you can create a simple website where you indicate the phone number where customers can find you. Your phone can serve as an organizer and address book to follow the schedule, as well as act as a GPS navigator and show you the correct route.

Tour guide

Permanent residence in one city can be turned into a means of earning pocket money. And the best way to do this is to become a guide in your city. Create a website, leave a few words on Excursiopedia about yourself as a local expert. On a phone, you can install multi-route maps from Google Maps so you can better plan a tour. When free time, you can write a guide and sell it by order, in the format of an e-book or application on a smartphone.


Yes, this may sound reckless – to start a career as a writer without a computer (however, we do not offer this), but, as practice has shown, this task is feasible. Blogging can be a good launching pad: a large number of applications for iOS and Android have already been developed, through which you can write posts on major blog platforms (including WordPress and other), and some platforms have built-in modules for working via mobile phones. But, it is not necessary to dwell only on blogging. In Japan, for example, it has become popular to write and upload entire novels via a cell phone.

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Video operator

Previously, documentary filmmakers and other video filmmaking professionals had to transport an entire van of equipment along with the crew to get a few shots that would be worth. Today, the shooting quality of handheld cameras has reached HD, and you can forget about equipment vans. If you have the courage, you can shoot a movie with a high-end cell phone. Devices like the iPhone and Samsung Instinct even have built-in editing features for the footage. If you shoot amateur photography for clients, you can transfer the result to them right after the shooting is completed, or upload the video to YouTube with one click.

Mystery shopper

This type of “scam” thrives is so popular in the world of spam. In the mailboxes you can often see such announcements: “It requires a mystery shopper in your city.” In fact, this is a legal business for many and it can bring real income with a minimum effort. The only condition is that the task must be completed technically correctly. It is better to look for the position of a mystery shopper in research institutions such as the foreign Corporate Research International (where mystery shoppers are called “auditors”), which all reputable companies turn to. Do not hope that you will receive a ton of cash, but if you love shopping and have a lot of free time, then it is for sure worth considering.

Reseller at auction

eBay is arguably the hottest tech company of the past millennium, although site traffic is gradually decreasing. But, nevertheless, the current state of affairs is enough to take 21st place among websites with the highest traffic in the world. There are still as many business opportunities at the auction as there are lots for sale on the site. Go around the garage sales and warehouses with “confiscated” in search of buried treasure, and then rearrange these lots at auction. You can sew patchwork quilts with your own hands and sell them on eBay (or even better – on Etsy ). You also have the opportunity to create your own online store, which will help people sell what they were going to sell on the street, and earn a few bucks on commission for transactions. Storefronts can be easily viewed using the eBay app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, no matter where you are.

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Life coaching

Life coaching is coaching and tutoring. The beauty of life-coaching is that you do not need to provide your real credentials, you do not need to have a degree, and you do not need to have a special license to express your opinion to people about how they should organize their life. Create a website with a provocative design in a hurry, in which you talk about your experience in the world of life coaching, post there a few reviews from people who are supportive of your endeavors, and post a couple of articles on which people would understand how wise you are and smart (something like “Seven steps on the path to harmony in self-awareness”). As soon as clients begin to call you, you can meet with them in person or, even better, set a time for telephone calls. Define special rates or monthly payments for those customers who require attention 24/7. However, you are left to your own decision and you can decide for yourself what to do with such crazy people:)

Technical support service

Are you one of those who get called when your computer breaks down? Why not to start charging for computer repairs or for answering the technical questions of completely helpless strangers? It is important here to create a good web page that advertises your services. Use keywords and make sure that you are within your geographic boundaries. Therefore, use all your SEO talents and create a page that will be understandable even to a beginner and will appeal to search engines. And remember that your target audience is those people who cannot understand why the font on their new monitor has become so small, so write in a very simple and accessible language.

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Earning on online casino affiliate programs

Just like offline casinos, online gambling resources generate revenue from active visitors. The goal of any online casino is to attract as many new players as possible in any legal way. One of them is affiliate programs. At the same time, casinos are ready to pay for customer engagement and donate some of their revenue to webmasters.

Indicative scheme that partners work for:

  • partner posts an article about online casino bonuses and promotions on their website or blog, and links to the resource itself in the material;
  • the user clicks on the link and goes to the australian King Billy Casino or US online casino site;
  • player makes a deposit and then is being credited (linked) to the webmaster he came from;
  • once a week or a month, the program calculates and pays a reward, which is a percentage of the loss of players brought by a partner.

The principle is simple enough, but in practice partners need to make a lot of effort to attract active players, convert and retain on the site.

“Personal” telephone operator

If all of the above does not suit you, in the end, you can always just talk on the phone. This does not require special skills. All that is required of you is to get yourself a beautiful phone number and register in some payment system so that you can pay with credit cards. You can dictate recipes, take sports bets, or just read something. Wherever fate takes you, you have a good chance that you will be paid to listen to you. Of course, most of these services provide “mature” services, but nobody will blame you in our digital world, right?

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