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Online Bingo For Dummies


So, how is online Bingo played? This is a question that most are probably scared to ask for fear of being ridiculed or judged. “But it’s so easy!” You hear them cry. “How don’t you understand it?!” They taunt. Well worry no longer, because this is a safe place where no query is to be feared and all of your questions will be answered.

Essentially, online bingo and the traditional in person edition of the game are extremely similar. The premise remains the same, where numbers are called out and if they match those you have previously selected then you simply cross them off on your ticket with your chances of winning a prize increasing each time. When playing online there is no need to search for a dibber or a dabber as the system is kind enough to automatically cross the number off on your behalf.

To win, you must be the first person to get a straight line of matching numbers and to get the overall win, you must be first to match all of the numbers on your card. Eyes down for a full house!

Online Bingo tickets can cost you as little as 1p, allowing you entrance to whichever themed Bingo “room” takes your fancy. The game will begin once the first number has been drawn, and will continue until someone manages to get a full line of crossed of numbers. Once this has happened the game will offer the chance to get two lines of matching numbers and then finally, the full house, which is when a player manages to tick off all of their numbers across the whole card.

The benefits of playing online are the extra options and features that they offer to help you stay up to pace with the goings on throughout the game. If you are worried about keeping up with the numbers that are called, or you wish to have one eye on the game and another on Coronation Street, then no need to panic because the online system will automatically mark your numbers, as previously mentioned. Most players will purchase multiple tickets before they start the game, due to the low prices and increasing their chances of a win. Again, luckily for you the online Bingo system remains on top of it and will sort your tickets into winning order. For example, if you have three crossed off on one card and only one of the other, the former card will be brought forwards so you can keep a closer eye on it. Along these same lines, the system will also give you a little alert or notification when one of your cards is getting close to a win. Clever, ay?

Online Bingo offers a wide range of themes when you play, rather than just the standard Bingo hall. You can find all sorts across the various online themes such as Deal or No Deal, blackjack inspired and casino designed “rooms”. The different Bingo types are referred to as rooms as you have to buy a (very cheap) ticket to enter and they have a specific starting/opening time. If you are typically accustomed to playing the game in person then this aspect should bring you a certain level of comfort in its familiarity to your beloved bingo hall.

Now get your tickets and start playing!

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