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Tips To Obtain Best Paid Android Downloads For Free


People nowadays use a lot of apps. We all love apps. We use it for paying bills. We use it for connecting with friends online. We also use it for entertainment purposes. And while some of these apps that we love using are paid ones, as much as possible, we also want to get the best-paid apps for free.

Some developers charge a little amount of money with the apps they are making because sometimes, there are too many features that are quite complex to create. Thus, they also need a return on investment for their time and money.

Best Paid Android Downloads For Free

Tips For Obtaining Best Paid Android Downloads For Free:-

Right now, the Android market is the best one in terms of mobile applications in different categories. The good thing is, there are several ways on how you can download paid apps for free.

Here are 5 tips on how to get the best paid Android downloads for free.

1. Download apps from sites which provide .apk extension

This is one of the most popular methods to get a paid Android app for free. There are several popular sites out there such as that provide a .apk file of a paid app. Once you have downloaded it on your PC, you can easily transfer it to your mobile phone.

2. Download an app that allows you to download other free paid apps.

This sounds a little bit confusing, but there are actually apps available wherein you can download more paid Android apps from their list for free. One of this is an app called Blackmart Alpha. This app has many listed paid apps that you can take advantage of. If you can’t find this app on Google Play, you can also try to do the first tip where you download its .apk file and then transfer it to your phone.

Tips To Obtain Best Paid Android Downloads For Free

3. Take advantage of the free app of the week on Google Play.

Google Play has introduced a free app of the week promotion. With this, a previously paid app may not have reached its target reach after it was released so it is offered for free to users as a promotion. In order to access the Google Play free app of the week, go to the Play Store, then visit the Family Section. Once you are there, you should see a banner that indicates a free app of the week. It will also indicate what the app is all about and what it normally costs.

4. Answer Google Play surveys.

If you have lots of time online, you may want to answer surveys in exchange for a reward. All you need to do is install the Google Opinion Rewards app to answer short surveys and then collect your reward. You can use it to get free paid apps.

5. Make use of the Google Play Return Policy

Sometimes, we are interested to get this app but don’t want to commit unless it is worth it. One good tip is to take advantage of the Google Play Return policy. When you pay for an app, you still have two hours to test and decide if you want to keep it.

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