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NextPointHost – Best Linux VPS Hosting Provider


Choosing a Linux VPS hosting provider can turn into a real nightmare if you don’t know what you’re looking for and where to look for it. There is no doubt that VPS hosting has made many business owners reconsider their web hosting plans, since this type of Linux VPS Services comes with numerous benefits. Linux VPS is cheaper than shared or dedicated hosting plans yet it doesn’t make you miss out on any important tools and features.

In fact, VPS hosting provides all the great resources of dedicated hosting combined with the technical support of shared hosting, all packed up into a lower priced service that can benefit your business in many ways. When it comes to choosing the best Linux VPS hosting provider, our choice is NextPointHost.

All You Need to Know About NextPointHost

NextPointHost is an award-winning VPS hosting provider that has taken the leading position in the industry due to their excellent services. The offer highest performance SSD Linux servers that meet the top standards of web hosting. As such, NextPointHost can certainly meet every requirement and business need on your list, no matter at what stage your business is currently in.

It has been confirmed by hundreds of users that all NextPointHost servers are secure and stable, meaning you can completely rely on this service provider. Most importantly, each NextPointHost linux VPS server is easy to use and simple to set up that you don’t need to be a tech expert to figure things out. Besides, you don’t even need to hire an IT expert, as this hosting provider acts as an addition to your business team.

Their highly trained staff is available to assist you with any issue or concern 24/7 through high quality live chat support. Besides providing great hosting plans at affordable prices, NextPointHost is the kind of service provider that will lead you through the process all the way and have your back at any time, helping your business grow and expand. When it comes to pricing, it is safe to say that NextPointHost has some of the best Linux VPS prices in the industry.

NextPointHost Pricing

Their offer includes a total of six Linux VPS hosting plans that differ in prices and provided features. Their cheapest and smallest VPS hosting plan starts at only 4.28 Euros per month. This plan will get you one CPU core, 512 MB RAM, 25GB of disk space, as well as a bandwidth of 3TB. With features such as these, the NextPointHost starter pack is more than enough for those who are just getting started with their business or running a smaller site.

If you need more features, slightly higher prices will get you more RAM size, additional disk space, as well as increased bandwidth capacity. The most expensive hosting plan they offer comes for the price of 128.25 Euros per month and it includes a total of 8 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 200GB of disk space, and a bandwidth of 14TB. Of course, there are many plans in between these two, offering average RAM sizes and disk capacities. It is up to you to decide which hosting plan suits your business the best.

Speaking of which, all NextPointHost Linux VPS hosting plans are highly scalable, meaning you never have to pay for features you don’t need or use. However, as your website grows, your need for additional hosting features is going to expand and, when this happens, you are going to be able to easily add resources and additional services to your plan. This allows the users to set up reliable hosting, no matter how far they’ve gotten with their site. You can always start slow and expand your plan as you grow your business further.

NextPointHost Features

NextPointHost offers its users full root access, meaning you it allows more control over Linux OS and relevant features. They also provide DNS Management, which allows you to create your own domain zones and much more. A great thing about NextPointHost services is the fact that they offer live statistics, allowing you to track and control your usage to avoid overuse and possible issues.

Furthermore, this service provider offers some of the most scalable resources that allow you to stay within the budget throughout the whole process. Another one of their great features is the virtual console access that makes it possible to instantly recover access to the server by connecting a virtual console. Some of these features might sound intimidating but don’t forget that NextPointHost has a team of professionals ready to assist you at any time.


If you’re looking for a stable and reliable Linux VPS server, the best place to find what you need is As one of the finest, award-winning web host service providers, NextPointHost offers multiple hosting plans that are guaranteed to meet your business needs. For all additional questions and information, feel free to reach out to their staff on!

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