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New Era of Social Media Marketing Driving Boxing Business


Driving visitor may give you a nightmare. Marketing agencies from all around the world are putting their 100% efforts in making the audience aware of their brand. Engagement, interaction, visits to the website and many other activities are targeted during social media marketing planning.

The whole process is only done to engage the audience on the different online platform and bring them to the website where they can finally buy the product. Every marketing strategy design by keeping the end goal in front. Only driving tons of visitors would not be beneficial for the industry. The visitor who visits the website must get converted to the buyer else the marketing goal would not be achieved.  

Each penny that you put into the marketing budget should be calculated wisely to bring more customer in the database. Marketing activity which does not generate the result must be a rethink and re-executed to increase the conversion.

We understand that it is hard to predict the result at the beginning, but if you have experience running the social media campaign, you will end up with a good number of new customers.

To simplify the process, we have jotted down a few ideas to get a positive return from your marketing investment. Let jump into it and see how it will benefit your business.

1) Understanding the need of the audience:

The biggest mistake that people do when they run the campaign is they just select the random audience and start their campaign without doing prior research. It is necessary to know your audience, understand their needs and then create the campaign which answers their problems.

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Providing the right solution to the right person at the right time is what marketing is all about. If you fail to find your target audience, you will never have the ability to run a successful social media campaign. At being the position of the decision-maker, you should put most of your time knowing your end-users.

Collect the information by talking to them, provide a free consultation, understand their expectation from the product and their buying power. This information would help you to prioritize your business activities and also give you sufficient data which enable your product development team to upgrade the quality of the product. Make a documentation of the audience research and circulate that with the core committee members.

2) Google SEO:

Google has reached a wider audience since its inception. Google is considered as the trusted application provides a perfect solution to your need. Due to its ability to solve the problem most quickly, people have started trusted the search result which appears in the top position.

Now when you are beginning your online marketing, the Google search engine optimization or in short Google SEO should be your go to marketing plan. Ranking your website on Google would give you a chance to stand in front of the larger audience. Google searches are not limited to the region or country. It appears to the larger audience. The search result appears on the Google influence the end users giving them feeling of satisfaction. As a result, people build trust in the brand they see online.

Google SEO would help you to reduce the marketing budget by drive organic traffic to your corporate website. These visitors then converted to the paying buyers. However, not all the visitors who visit the website will take the decision of purchasing your product, but they will remember the brand and come later when they have an actual need.

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3) Video Marketing:

The latest social media marketing trend is moving towards real experience. People love to watch videos. Thanks to high-speed internet facility around the world. Some study shows that video content consumption has spike suddenly after several countries have upgraded its infrastructure to offer high-speed internet. New technology also adapting to new structural and technological development.

Availability of the cheap smartphone also contributing to the consumption of the video content. Today, you can simply use the smartphone and get high-quality video content without needing a professional setup. The video content has given birth to social influencer. People follow them online, subscribe to their channel. Using the video content, you can connect with your audience.

4) Maximum Utilization of the Social Platform:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are some of the top social platforms that contribute to more than 60% of the social media traffic. Each of them has various tools for the users, making the platform useful for the individual as well as the corporates.

Learn the platform and think about how you can use each of the social media site tool offered by these platforms. By simply putting engaging content and understanding the analytics, you can maximize your reach. Social platforms are the future of online marketing.

It is already dominating the webs and it will stay the same for years to come. People love to get more information every day. Putting your brand in this trending news would make your brand visible to the audience.

5) Networking:

The century-old method: Networking may seem outdated for some, but it still has the potential to get big sales. People who are into business understand this very well. It gives the edge over the competitor. Once you build a trustworthy client, they will not leave you for new vendors or suppliers.

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Or we can say they will not trust to other vendors easily. Once you establish yourself as a good service provider using your networking skill, the client will stay with you for a longer period. Networking enables the service or product manufacture to build trust in the audience. When you meet someone they will connect with you emotionally. Their view about you will change and they will look you as an industry leader.

In Conclusion:

Applying these marketing strategies with the help of digital technology would give you a different perspective of the industry. Muay Thai or Thai boxing business owner should understand the change and accept the new era of the doing business.

Having a website would be the first step towards the digital transformation. Website is an alternative to your local or physical camp. A good website of Thai boxing training camp in Thailand is

and it use social media. People who are interested in your product will visit your website to check what are the things that you have to offer. They will judge your qualification based on the content you put on your website. It is up to you how fast you adopt the new technology and create your online presence.

When your users are happy, you will start gaining traction in the business. Your Muay Thai boxing business will see an uprise in the sale figures. People will contact you from the different corners of the world when they see your content on the web and social media. So do not waste time and start taking action in digital transformation.


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