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5 Must-Have Grill Features For A High-Tech Cookout


If you love to grill, then you know just how important your grilling equipment is. Nothing can come outright if you have a terrible grill. Whether you want to roast, sear, or make a delicious steak, you will need a good grill. Most models today have been built to make your work easier and make your dishes tastier.

There are many unique features you will find in grills today compared to natural gas grills. The high technology industry continues to make innovations to improve your outdoor cooking experience. We will look at some of the amazing high tech features you will find in a modern grill for the best cookout experience.

Open Flame Technology

The open flame technology is one of the newest solutions found in top brands today. This technology allows you to heat food directly on the fire through a stainless steel tray. You will find the open flame solution in most pellet grills like the Pit Boss Austin XL so you can go just slide the plate and directly grill meats.


Sense-mate is found in most smart grills and comes with WiFi support. It is built as a thermal sensor to monitor your grilling temperature. You can tell the temperature of your grill while you are cooking. Grills with Sense-Mate technology usually have an LCD where you can monitor your cooking. You will know when your food has reached the right doneness and your food will come out just fine.

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Smart Smoke Technology

Another high-tech feature, you may probably have heard of is smart smoke technology. There are two types of smokers in the market today, and you will find this technology in both of them. You can control the smoke anywhere between its Hi Smoke and Lo Smoke settings. You can adjust the level of smokiness you want for your grilling.

TRU-Infrared Technology

Tru-infrared technology is one of the latest high-tech features you will find in grills today, especially in smokers. This technology transfers heat using irradiative heat transfer, so the heat is spread evenly over the surface. The Tru-infrared technology hastens your cooking and consumes less amount of gas. One of the major benefits of this feature is that it would prevent the fat from spilling on the burners, so you won’t experience flare-ups that are common grills.

One-Touch Ash Cleaner

This new technology can be found in smokers and what it does is clean up the grill. It makes cleaning so simple and will clean the ash from the grill sending it straight to the bucket. You can then dispose of the ash.


There are always new technology solutions all the time as most grill manufacturers think of new ideas to make grilling easy. Sometimes these technologies can make things a bit complicated for beginners, but most of them are quite easy to operate. You can regulate the temperature of your cooking when you have a high-tech grill, as new technology makes your grilling faster and helps you get the desired results.

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