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3 Must-Have Gadgets For Vlogging


If you’re hoping to become the next social media sensation, then you’re going to have to think carefully about the type of equipment you’re going to need to make your dream a reality. You may be wondering exactly what equipment you’re going to need to achieve a top-quality finish. If you’re serious about becoming a professional, the equipment you purchase will ultimately determine how successful you become, so it’s going to take a bit of thought and research to get your vlogging career up and running.

Here are a list of must-have gadgets you’ll need to purchase as a beginner vlogger:


Although a video camera will pick up your voice, it’s never going to be a high-quality sound. Camera microphones pick up noises all around you, rather than just your voice, so it can often sound muffled. If the sound is bad on a video, it’s highly unlikely the viewer will continue watching, so always purchase a professional microphone that has been designed specifically for the voice. You should invest in a bidirectional or unidirectional microphone to pick up your voice only as they are designed to record speech, rather than everything else in your surroundings. Take the time to research the best microphones for vlogging.


Of course, you cannot blog without a camera, so you need to carry out plenty of research on the one you purchase. It’s not just about buying the most expensive on the market; all cameras have different features and may be used for different purposes, so find out which cameras would be best geared towards vlogging. A vlogging camera should have:

  • Autofocus: The sharpness of the video is a key aspect to create a vlog that is visually appealing. It will also direct the viewer’s eye to objects within the video, which is especially important if you’re promoting products and need to show the finer details.
  • Transportable: Dependent on the niche of vlogging you wish to go into, the camera you choose may need to be compact so that it can be carried around easily. This will allow you to film clips as you walk and then stash it back safely in your bag while on your travels.
  • OIS (Optical Image Optimization): Stabilizes the recorded image and eliminates shakes that may cause the image to lose focus or quality.

Take a look at vlogging cameras on to find the perfect option for you.


Most cameras will capture a high-quality picture providing there’s good lighting; therefore, you need to invest in led video lights to give your video a professional appearance. You may already have natural light coming through the windows, which would be best for recording videos. There are many artificial options you could consider if your room is dark. Ring lights are the best form of artificial lighting, as they give off a bright white, rather than yellowy glow. They typically also come with their own stand, so you can position them however you wish, and their intensity can be adjusted.

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