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7 Must-Have Gadgets and Devices for Your Home Office


Having the capability to work from home is not only essential during times of crisis, but also a blessing for those who would usually suffer a long daily commute to and from the office. In case you haven’t quite got around to kitting out your home office, there are many devices worth splurging on for the promise of increased productivity and enhanced mood. Add a few of these devices to your shopping list and you’ll be ready for anything.


A solid internet connection is the hero of every home office; in fact, it can be almost impossible to get any serious work done without one. In case you’re considering upgrading your connection with a new router, remember that the right type depends on the size of your home. Anyone who lives in a relatively small property should be well-covered by a single router, but larger properties will likely require a router with superior capability to ensure there are no black spots in the house. For those who prize a great connection, devices like Google’s Nest WiFi and TP-Link Deco M9 have passed the test in larger properties, and guarantee you a great experience.


The ability to print essential documents can save you from hours of screen time, and if you often need physical copies of documents, a digital printer from Vancouver is a wise investment. When choosing a model, it’s important to consider economic ratings if you want to limit the amount you spend on ink and paper down the line.

A duplex printer can help you to do just that, cutting paper usage in half by automating double-sided printing, and doing the forests a favor in the process.

Before choosing a printer for your office it is important to understand what to consider when purchasing a printer, do a little research, and clarify your needs. For instance, if you have a small business and need a printing machine you can check the multifunctional printers which will replace the copier, scanner and fax machine and have compact sizes that can fit even in a small office. However, if you have an advertising company and need to print high-quality billboards you need to find large format printers and give your customers desired results.


Most office workers have their fair share of devices, and they all require regular charging. Chargers are essential, but unless they’re organized, they can make your desk look like a bomb site and detract from your resolve to make the most of your time. If you’re smart about it, you can get your hands on a USB hub that allows you to charge multiple other devices at once without leaving your computer, although you should be wary of creating fire risks by overloading power boards. Even if you decide to stick to the classic singular cord, make sure to store all of your cords within reach, somewhere they won’t be at risk of becoming damaged.


It might not sound as exciting as the average tech gadget, but the right chair is a home office essential for the ages. After just a few days of sitting in an uncomfortable position, you will truly see the value of proper back and neck support. In fact, thanks to the advances of modern science and ergonomics, you now have the option of chairs that mimic the shape of the human spine for maximum comfort and support. Just remember not to sit for too long without a standing break – your body and your brain will thank you for those regular stretches.

Balance Board

The only device that can do more for your posture than the perfect chair is a balance board. In fact, these devices are not only designed to encourage movement and counteract the detrimental effects of sitting for extended periods, but they also help to increase focus and productivity. You’ll really notice the positive impacts on your alertness throughout the day, and especially once the afternoon slump hits. For bonus points, consider skipping the chair altogether and opting for a standing desk arrangement instead, a concept with proven benefits.

Desk Lamp

Some may not see the value in a desk lamp, but the ability to adjust the lighting in your home office is a true blessing at the business end of a long day. Take the pressure off your retinas with a softer glow and you’ll find yourself feeling better in no time. Plus, in case you needed another reason to buy in, new technological developments are cropping up everywhere, driving designers to equip some lamps with charging points for your other devices.

Internet-connected Coffee Mug

Coffee is a way of life for many in corporate careers, but unless you have a fancy coffee machine at home, you’ll probably miss the machine in the office or the latest from your favorite inner-city cafe. Although this fancy mug can’t prepare a barista-quality coffee for you, it can keep your aromatic beverage piping hot until you’re ready to drink it, meaning that even the most determined imposition won’t keep you from that moment of caffeinated bliss.

Creating the perfect home office is a matter of personal preference above all else, and after a few days or weeks in a new environment, you’ll be well-aware of what you need. Consider your new office gadgets an investment in the liveability of your home, and you may find yourself enjoying the daily grind that little bit more.

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