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7 Must-Have Crafting Tools and Gadgets For Creatives


Crafting tools are an essential part of every crafter’s hobby. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro the right tool can make an amazing craft even better. In this article, we will give you a list of seven must-have tools.

These seven crafting tools are a must-have for crafters, whether you work with paper, vinyl, glass, or wood. Let’s start with some basic tools.

1. Scissors

One of the most basic tools for any crafter. Use these for sewing projects, paper crafts, and a variety of other projects.

Of course, there are the typical straight edge scissors. But you can also get scissors that cut different patterns. These are great for school projects, label making, or other papercraft projects.

2. Scalpel

These little tools are handy for a variety of different craft projects. They are especially great as an addition to your scrapbook tools. They can make precision cuts on paper and even fabric.

They are also good for cutting wrapping paper for presents, or for origami. These little knives can cut where scissors can’t. Making cutting out fine intricate details a breeze.

3. Glue Gun

So many projects call for a hot glue gun. From attaching fabric to a craft to attaching poms-poms to a poster board, there are many different possibilities.

Pro tip: Try looking for one that has multiple heat settings. Some projects might require different heat levels.

4. Rotary Tool

These little kits are a crafter’s best friend. These can be used for woodworking or even engraving glass, or metal.

Most rotary tools come with a variety of bits good for different projects. You can sand, engrave, or even cut your materials with this tool. Most rotary tools can cut through materials like terra cotta easily.

5. Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a must-have for any crafter at any level. A sewing machine makes sewing projects much easier and can help with more intricate sewing patterns.

A small sewing machine can even be used for just household needs like repairing a seam or hemming a pair of pants.

6. Hobby Laser Cutter

A hobby laser cutter is an impressive piece of machinery. This would typically be of use to a seasoned crafter. If you’re working on a serious project then this is definitely the craft tool for you.

These machines can cut thicker pieces of wood and acrylic. They can even engrave a beautiful design on your materials. A perfect addition to turn your hobby into a business.

7. Circuit Board

These cool craft tools make working with vinyl a breeze. There are so many projects you can accomplish with these tools. Try making vinyl decals for your car or windows, personalizing everything, or making amazingly cute t-shirts and bags.

Need More Inspiration Beyond Crafting Tools?

We hope you enjoyed this short guide to must-have crafting tools.

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