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Mountaintop Quest Guide – How To Get Mountaintop In Destiny 2


The Mountaintop grenade launcher is one of the best weapons present in Destiny 2. To obtain this weapon, you will have to go through a lengthy process; you will also have to acquire certain playstyles.

When this weapon was introduced, the Destiny 2 Mountaintop quest was simply about getting multi-kills and medals in large supply in the Crucible. Fortunately, Bungle published certain requirements that restricted its acquisition to players who are willing to go the distance for it.

Completing the Mountaintop Quest

To unlock this weapon, you first have to choose a quest from Lord Shaxx in a process that is similar to that used to unlock other Crucible pinnacle weapons.

Your quest will have four main parts, which are:

  • First of Many
  • The Third Wave
  • No Second Chances
  • An Oath Broken

First of Many

This quest, known as “The Ascent,” requires you – the player – to reach the Glory Rank of Brave.

This is the easiest part of the quest and all you need to reach the required rank is 200 Glory points.

The Third Wave

The second aspect of The Ascent requires that you complete a Triumph called “In Pursuit of Honor.” To complete this part, you will need to head into the Crucible and make the following exploits:

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750 grenade launcher kills, 75 double kills, and 25 Calculated Trajectory Medals (triple kills).

This section is where a large majority of the game’s players fail.

If you play in either Iron Banner or Competitive mode, you will earn bonus progress. Playing in Iron Banner makes you liable to earn kills that are worth double, while playing in Competitive will provide kills worth triple.

No Second Chances

After you’ve completed the Triumph of In Pursuit of Honor, the next thing to do is to go back to the Crucible to acquire the Glory Rank of Fabled. Getting to the Glory Rank of Fabled is a part of the Triumph known as “The Stuff of Myth” and it is essential to obtain the Recluse submachine gun.

This aspect of the quest requires you to earn up to 2100 Glory points. Interestingly, it is easier to earn Glory points today because of the changes effected by the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep expansion.

If you are a solo player, you have no cause to worry because of the Freelance Survival playlist, which has a maximum party size of one. Finally, even though reaching Fabled is easier in recent times than before, it is still a daunting task.

An Oath Broken

After you’ve acquired all necessary grenade launcher kills and reached Fabled by earning up to 2100 Glory points, head back to the Tower to meet Shaxx. Then, turn The Ascent quest to him. Once this is done, he will reward you with your own Mountaintop, which shoots micro-missiles instead of grenades.

Best Weapons You Can Use for Mountaintop

To get actual kills, you have to equip your player with a Grenade Launcher in all available slot. This is to ensure that you never run out of ammo. Also, it will ensure that every weapon kill you make counts toward the 750 grenade kills required in “In Pursuit of Honor.”

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We recommend you use the following Grenade Launchers:

  • The Militia’s Birthright
  • Fighting Lion
  • Play of the Game or anything with Proximity Grenades

The Militia’s Birthright

The Militia’s Birthright is one of the exclusive weapons from Nightfall; you can get it through the Lake of Shadow. If this launcher interests you, pay attention to when Lake of Shadow becomes available in the Nightfall rotation. And then get one with nice features.

Fighting Lion

Fighting Lion is an Exotic Grenade Launcher, and it comes highly recommended for this quest. To determine when it explodes, hold fire when you shoot and let go to detonate. With this feature, you will be better able to scale up your kills.

When you kill an enemy that has already been damaged by a grenade with this weapon, your other weapon will automatically reload. However, you have to upgrade the Exotic Catalyst to enable this.

Play of the Game or Anything with Proximity Grenades

Your play of the game should be a Grenade Launcher with proximity grenades. With this, you will be able to kill more foes without exerting much effort as a single hit from this weapon is enough. Even a year 1 Play of the Game is highly efficient.

Best Armors for Mountaintop

The exotic armor you wear will depend on the class you belong to.

If you are a member of the Warlocks, you should use Transversive Steps for reloading. This way, your single-shot launchers will automatically reload when you are on the run, thereby reducing the amount of time required for you to use them.

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Also, you can wear Lunafaction Boots for faster reloads if you are in a Well or Rift or Starfire Protocol and middle tree Dawnblade. Possession of two Fusion Grenades will help you heal, thereby keeping you alive and enabling you to fight for longer.

If you belong to the Hunters class, you will be well served by using Tether in Mayhem. When you kill a tethered enemy, other tethered fighters will also be killed through the same effect. That is, you can use one Grenade Launcher shot to kill multiple enemies.

Features of The Mountaintop

The Mountaintop has a number of features that make it appealing to players. One of these is its Lightweight Frame, which makes it possible to manually detonate the grenade. This is achieved by first holding fire and then releasing it when you want it to detonate. The main features of this weapon, however, are its Spike Grenades and Micro-Missiles.

Spike Grenades are a highly sought-after feature of Grenade Launchers because of the extent of damage they can inflict on raid bosses. The Micro-Missile, on the other hand, enables the grenades to travel in a straight line while also increasing its projectile speed. They don’t need any arcing shots as they will run straight to the target.

Other features of this weapon are:

  • Hard Launcher or Volatile Launch
  • Rangefinder

In conclusion, the Destiny 2 Mountaintop quest, while sometimes frustrating, is a fun, valuable, and engaging quest. And if you can acquire the three Grenade Launchers mentioned above, then you’ll complete the quest in no time.

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