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The Most Popular Programming Languages In 2022


One of the vital skills that people should learn today is the art of writing computer programs. Computers have entered every industry, and they surround people and places in different ways. From the digital field to aircraft and automobiles, every industry has benefited from computers immensely.

Computers are also essential for organizations to scale up their services. Quite naturally, the community of developers and programmers are emerging every fast. Similarly, new programming languages have surfaced in 2020, and customized for different segments of developers.

For instance, Flutter app development company using one programming language and codebase to design apps for iOS and Android. Whether it is mobile or web application or development of games, the beginners should get proper guidelines regarding the prospects of computer languages.

The following points highlight the list of most popular programming languages of 2020.


Java is one of the most popular programming languages for large organizations and is on for several decades. The language finds widespread use for creating web applications for enterprises. One of the reasons why large enterprises look for Java is its stability. Java is the language developers should know while looking for development jobs in big companies. The language comes to help with the development of Android apps. As most business organizations require Android apps, Java developers have a bright future.


The popularity of Python is soaring rapidly as it is outsmarting Java to take the number one position. No wonder it is one of the most sought after programming languages that are taught in different universities. The uniqueness of Python lies in its language design. Apart from this, it has a simple approach to yielding powerful results. Python has created a benchmark when compared to other influential languages and satisfying the experience of developers. The language has shown massive growth in demand during the last few years and is not showing any indication of slowing down soon.


Although Javascript stayed in the shade for several days during its initiation, it has merged into a high-level and multi-conceptual programming language. While the first breakthrough of this programming language came with Node.js, the second breakthrough came about AngularJS, which is a web development network. Today, Javascript is one of the renowned programming languages around the world. The language dominates the field of browser programming, runs on different platforms, and helps in managing heavy tasks. Moreover, the language has gone through enormous modification and renovation over the last few years and separate from the Javascript of the previous decade.


It is the essential aspect of programming as most of the low-level operating systems and file systems require C/C++. Due to the speed and stability of this program, it is a popular option among competitive programmers. Moreover, it also provides a Standard Template Library, which is a collection of libraries for algorithms, data structures, and arithmetic operations. Due to the speed and library of this computer programming language, it is a popular choice for high-frequency trading.


If you are planning to move ahead with Android app development, Kotlin is the programming language on which to focus in 2020. Believe it or not, Kotlin is gradually emerging to be a big name in the world of programming languages.


Similar to Python, PHP is one of the popular programming languages today. It is a productive server-side programming language widely used for web development. Therefore, the web application industry uses this programming language with fast speed. Moreover, this programming language has retained its popularity


Golang is one of the most popular programming languages from Google, which provides excellent support for multithreading. It is also popular among those companies that depend on distributed systems.


Swift is another programming language that is essential for the development of iOS applications. Due to the popularity of Apple and iOS apps, Android is into tough competition. If you are planning to work in iOS app development services, you should learn Swift programming. One of the primary features of Swift is its language design. Moreover, it provides multiple features of modern-day languages. It is fast gaining popularity in systems programming along with other domains.

With over six hundred programming languages, the demand for programming languages fluctuates every year. However, the list mentioned above is the most popular programming languages of 2020.

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