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Most Popular Mobile Games You Must Play In 2021


The first half of 2020 has been productive for many gamers. Mobile games have long ceased to be easy entertainment to kill time. Today, these are full-fledged games that can be online and co-op format, puzzles, or story games. Read more about mobile games on freeappsforme.

Let’s consider the best smartphone games for the rest of 2020.

The Sims

The Sims is developed by Maxim and is a very old game. It is a life simulation game and is very popular among its category. It has many versions latest of which is The Sims 4, which has nearly every life situation including conversations, home-work life, marriage and even having children. Players can have control over people’s lives, that is why Sims facts show that the game is played over more than 36 million unique players. It gives the power to its player to have control over every aspect of life and have power over various life situations, which is why it is definitely worth trying.

Mario Kart Tour

Nintendo doesn’t pay much attention to mobile games, focusing more on its Switch console. It is not surprising, but rather annoying for many gamers. However, Mario Kart Tour still appeared in the version for Apple and Android smartphones. Despite the presence of microtransactions, Mario Kart Tour is still very exciting and extremely enjoyable to play. Especially when you consider that online you can race with your friends.

Certainly, Kart Tour does not reach the quality of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch, but it is not inferior to other games. And most importantly, Nintendo manages to keep the same classic familiar style of games in the series, which is so loved by its fans.

The game is free, although you can also purchase in-game currency.

Exit the Gungeon

Those who have already purchased and evaluated the Apple Arcade service are familiar with this game. It was the sequel to Enter The Gungeon, an incredibly popular game from Devolver Digital.

The genre of the game is not as easy to determine as it seems. Developers call it a multi-level hell shooter with dungeons. In other words, the game has plenty of shooting and carnage, and the plot is moving rapidly forward. For now, the game is only available for Nintendo Switch, on Steam, and with Apple Arcade. Most likely, soon, it will also appear for Android smartphones. In any case, this game is worth attention, especially for those who appreciate the old eight-bit games.

Monument Valley 2

This game can be purchased on Google Play or in the App Store. In the latter, it was even lucky enough to become the editors ‘ choice. By the way, Monument Valley 2 is part of a series, and this series is incredibly beautiful. It is distinguished by unexpected spectacular visual solutions that attract not only mobile game fans.

The game is soothing and allows you to focus on the story and emotions. Monument Valley 2 is a series of puzzles inspired by the graphics and works of Maurits Escher. You will have to travel through incredible structures, move elements on the screen, etc.

With all this, the game has a storyline. It is incredibly touching and fascinating even despite the presence of puzzles. We will not reveal anything detailed about the plot of the game, but strongly recommend it to all those who are tired of the world and want to distract. The game is inexpensive, but the time spent plating Monument Valley 2 will not be wasted.


Is it worth talking a lot about this game? The popularity of Minecraft is unconditional and undeniable. And the only difference is that it is now available on a smartphone. A significant plus is that you can easily play with your friends from your smartphone, regardless of what platform they play on PS4, PC, or Xbox. This is not found in every game, although it has largely played a role in the popularity of Fortnite.

The game is not available for free and is even slightly more expensive than mobile games usually cost. But the amount of fun you will get is incomparable to anything. Minecraft is one of the most relaxing, exciting games that allow you to show creativity and ingenuity. Create your characters, build your worlds and structures. Minecraft is worth both its price in the App Store or Google Play, and your time, which you will lose count of.


Blizzard is perhaps the most famous game developer with a crystal reputation and a large number of fans. And thanks to Hearthstone, fans of the company cannot part with their favorite fantasy worlds, even at a distance from their PC. No, Hearthstone is not a mobile version of WoW, although it uses the same characters. This is a card strategy, and one of the most popular in its genre. It requires a lot of attention and serious preparation. The world of the game is deeply thought out, and the game process is incredibly exciting.

With all this, the game is very easy to manage. All fans of strategy and fantasy will appreciate Hearthstone.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions is named in the honor of tournament in comics that Marvel fans love so much. In the game, you will find a huge selection of characters, the ability to choose and pump them, as well as various systems of fights and tournaments. Additionally, players can change costumes, character descriptions, and many interesting updates.

Contest of Champions gives the impression of a game that you usually play on the console, but it is available on any Apple or Android smartphones.

By the way, Marvel fans aren’t limited to just one game. Marvel Future Fight is a multi-level game where characters are formed into a team to pass various obstacles.

Marvel Strike Force is a game with alternate strikes to the opposite team or opponent, a large selection of characters, and a simple pumping system.

The games are free and available in the App Store and Google Play, all three games include optional microtransactions.

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