Most Loved Browser Testing Automation Tools – 2022

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most loved browser testing automation tools

Manually streaming tests on several browsers and devices per day can get tedious and time-consuming. To manage this efficiently, you should grow familiar with automation tools. When it comes to testing browser operations, there are numerous minor inputs required to test every facet of a given website strictly. Reiterating these actions, often hundreds of times, are baseless for a human. Thus, browser test automation is imperative, and there’s a broad diversity of automation software that quickly accomplishes the required testing across many browsers.

Browser Testing Styles

When testing your applications and websites, you’ll be required to use the best approach to fill in all of your potential object interactions. You may need to use multi-fold strategies, occasionally at the same time.

  • GUI Driven Tests: These are the most straightforward fashion of test and are the most affordable by a tester without previous scripting knowledge. They generally involve determining inputs via an interface. This is the best approach if you do not require to attain anything exorbitantly complex with your testing or your QA Team is not acquainted with writing their test scripts.
  • Scripted Tests: For additional advanced testing parameters, it might be wise to use some form of scripting. Many of the results in this article come with some form of IDE/API interaction that swallows scripting. For example, Selenium, a test-based scripting tool, can be used standalone (and is one of the results on this list). You may find it easier to calculate on one of the other results that take advantage of Selenium.
  • Record-and-Replay Tests: Another simple solution that might require added effort to set up but is just as user-friendly as GUI-driven testing is record-and-replay testing. This involves hitting a record key, accomplishing a certain deed on a website yourself, then halting the recording. The testing software can then reiterate the recorded action uncounted times with minor variations.
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Tools to Automate Browser Testing:

#1 HeadSpin

HeadSpin is an automated cross-browser testing tool that allows users to execute several tests at the same time, without conflicts. This platform allows you to carry on manual and automated tests simultaneously while also reserving time in advance for device testing. HeadSpin is one of the best tools available because this tool ensures the tests are not messed up under any circumstances.

#2 TestComplete

TestComplete is a GUI-based browser testing automation framework with an impactful AI-powered object recognition tool that makes browser testing substantially smoother. In addition, you can script further sophisticated tests through the inbuilt scripting tools or use the interface for simple tests without preceding scripting knowledge.

TestComplete works impeccably well for browser testing and supports desktop applications and mobile apps. In addition, multiple CI/CD integrations are possible, including Jenkins.

#3 Katalon

Katalon is a free automated web testing tool for general-purpose UI testing. You can employ the software to concoct complicated automated scripts, even if you have no previous scripting proficiency. You can also use the recording tools to substantiate automated CI/CD testing parameters, IDE, and various options for advanced objectives.

The software includes full browser testing functionality. To run numerous browser testing cases at once, you may require to upgrade to the TestOps package.

#4 Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is a premium UI testing tool developed for beginners and experts, with advanced GUI-based contexts that can provide testing methods without previous coding knowledge. It also comes with an in-depth object scrutiny tool and the capability to produce historical testing metrics that accommodate automatically based on intelligent object detecting approaches.

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The software’s browser testing suite opens the website and uses the devoted plugin to run automated tests within the browser setting. In addition, several productivity and assistance tools are fabricated into the software to assure test development is quick and effortless.

#5 Virtuoso

Virtuoso is the pack leader in terms of intelligent AI-run automated browser testing. The software breaks down script testing to use human-orientated simple textbook language, signifying anyone can feasibly set up test parameters in line with other script-based solutions.

One impactful point that Virtuoso advertises is the capability to use AI systems to distinguish objects after they’re rearranged, which means the tests effectively preserve themselves. Multiple browser tests and snapshot testing also assist you in extensively reducing implicit errors without multiplying the testing workload.

#6 Selenium

Selenium, the architecture on which Katalon is grounded, is also an open-source tool that offers three main features: browser testing automation, a development IDE for test scripts, and a central management point. However, Selenium provides a basic configuration with no interface and demands advanced rudimental programming proficiency compared to the other options.
Selenium’s three primary functions are entirely free and integrated into different CI/CD platforms. As a result, Selenium may be the ideal option for your small-to-medium-sized institution if you have a QA team with advanced programming know-how or exclusively wrap your testing within the liabilities of your DevOps team.

#7 Appium

Appium is a mobile browser testing tool analogous to Selenium and is free and open-source, with expansive testimonial and support. Likewise, it may be used with Selenium to extend your web browser testing capabilities to mobile browser testing.
Getting the most out of the development takes advanced programming proficiency and cognate to Selenium testing. Nevertheless, it has a precious desktop interface for different in-depth app visualization. You may also associate Appium with an assortment of CI/CD pipeline networks for your automated mobile browser testing requirements and Katalon.

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#8 QA Wolf

QA Wolf is a browser testing automation tool designed for start-ups and small enterprises. You can produce and manage automated testing parameters and integrate them into your development terrain using the solution. The response is open-source with a large volume of support and documentation for its operation. The system also generates scripts based on recorded behavior, smoothing test conception regardless of scripting methodology.
The adaptability of the service is the main draw for this tool, with costs dependent on user requirements and the automated tests being incredibly customizable through the scripting systems.

#9 Bonus: Specflow

Specflow is an open-source infrastructure that integrates Behaviour Driven Development into the testing circle, protracting the capabilities of several testing networks. Specflow can extend Selenium’s automated browser testing or give REST web services with in-depth API automation credentials. Specflow is an architecture that may be used to do a wide range of tasks. For browser testing, you’ll need to combine this tool with Selenium, but if you do, it can admit you to more advanced automation ways encompassing BDD.


Browser testing is of immense importance given its availability in thousands. A website or an application must run on almost all of them, even the lesser-known ones. Automated browser testing enhances the quality of the testing procedures while also reducing the time taken to perform the same. Hence, tools like HeadSpin are of particular significance to help bring the task to fruition.

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