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The Most Beautiful Hotels’ Designs As The Inspiration For Your Interior Design


People come to the hotel not only for resting, but also for a cozy atmosphere – it is important to create a unique atmosphere in the hotel. You can use some of the hotel design ideas in your home interior.

The decor reflects the values ​​of the establishment and attracts visitors with similar views, therefore, when preparing a design project for the interior of a hotel, designers start from the concept of the establishment. In this article, we share awesome ideas for hotel design.

Loft style hotel

A lot of air and space is the basis of this concept, so for such a project it is better to find a large room with high ceilings. Bright locations with panoramic windows without curtains and curtains are perfect.

The obligatory elements of the interior of a loft-style hotel are industrial motives: open brickwork, deliberately carelessly applied plaster, unpretentious but comfortable furniture and a ventilation system installed right under the ceiling of the hall, nothing hidden from the eyes. All this, combined with brutal metal lamps and unusual decorations, creates a feeling of simplicity and freedom, which many people lack so much in the noise of large cities.

The interior of the hotel in the “loft” style will turn out to be modern and fashionable if you add brutal shelves with books and figurines, massive furniture to it. For such a design, Nyfurnitureoutlets can provide the most interesting furniture. A bright detail can be a fireplace in a futuristic style.

Italian hotel

Summer colors will help to convey the atmosphere of sunny Italy. Choose shades of beige, blue, olive and green – those associated with the sea, warmth, the beach and a blooming garden.

Find simple yet graceful wooden tables and decorate them with cotton tablecloths. Wicker lampshades will also perfectly fit into the interior of an Italian hotel. Bottles of wine and olive oil in wicker baskets, paintings and photographs of views of Italy will give guests a sense of comfort. The Italian style implies a lot of living plants in the interior of the hotel – these can be spray roses, hydrangeas, jasmine.

If the space allows, then the ideal solution would be a summer veranda with flowers and wicker furniture.

Visiting Italy, you can not miss the picturesque Villa La Salina, surrounded by tree-lined hills, a paradise for design lovers. The façade and floor of the villa are tiled with bricks and the walls are painted white. The living room has a fireplace and wooden beams decorate the ceiling. Guests can relax in the outdoor pool, hot tub, or on the terrace with stunning views.

Japanese hotel

The Japanese people are characterized by minimalism, restraint and clarity in details. You can use this as a base for a Japanese hotel interior. Usually, the design is dominated by gray, beige, cream colors. A combination of dark and light (yin and yang) is possible: for example, white walls and black furniture. Unpretentious, functional furniture without patterns is suitable for the design of a Japanese hotel.

It is advisable to leave more free space in the room, fill it with light and air. Let the rice paper lamps emit a soft light. The tree will also look great in the interior of a Japanese hotel. For decor, use bamboo, ikebana and bonsai – cute bonsai. Walls can be decorated with Japanese characters and cherry blossoms.

If your dream is to someday be in Tokyo and you are attracted by tradition and uniqueness in design, be sure to stay at a ryokan – a Japanese inn with shared seating areas, baths, and rooms with futons and straw rugs on the floor. Cyashitsu ryokan asakusa is a modern ryokan with a sophisticated design, perfect for travelers who value minimalism. The property is just a short walk from the Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center, where you can purchase exquisite souvenirs for your home.

Oriental style hotel

The design of an oriental hotel is is inconceivable without large soft carpets – in the East they have long been used to decorate both floors and walls.

Low-rise carved furniture, voluminous satin pillows with gold tassels will give guests a feeling of comfort. Choose large and soft sofas and armchairs – chairs will definitely be superfluous in the interior of an oriental hotel.

You can use translucent curtains to divide the space into zones. For windows, choose luxurious curtains made of heavy fabric – it is desirable that the color in the room is a little muted.

Decorations made of copper and ceramics, souvenir hookahs, painted plates on stands can become decorative elements. Let the Arabic musical motives sound in the building.

Sea-theamed hotel

The marine design of hotels is traditionally associated with shades of blue, turquoise, silver, green. To make the color scheme look harmonious, combine them with warm colors: beige, golden. Use wicker furniture – it will make guests associate with a pleasant evening by the sea.

The bright light will also help guests to mentally be transported to the sunny beach. Complete this feeling with interesting details in the hotel’s interior: shells, steering wheels, ropes, fishing nets and bottles with colorful sand. On the walls you can paint marine life: whales, jellyfish, bizarre fish or squid.

You can decorate the hall with aquariums. This will become an original design detail and support the theme.

Greek hotel

The main colors in the interior of the Greek hotel are white and pale blue. Wooden cabinets and doors, wicker furniture and lampshades will create the atmosphere of a seaside resort town. White linen tablecloths on the tables and light curtains on the windows will be a reference to the Greek tunics.

The interior of the hotel can be decorated with columns, statues and amphoras in antique style. A small fountain with ancient Greek motives can be placed in the center of the hall. Place artificial flowers, olive branches, fruits, bottles of olive oil on the shelves. The walls can be decorated with photographs of seascapes, pictures of Athens and Santorini.

Pay attention to the music – play traditional sirtaki as well as modern Greek songs in the evenings.

French hotel

French hotels are decorated in the Provence style, which is characterized by lightness and airiness. It is important to fill the room with light – large windows without curtains can be decorated with transparent lace curtains.

Plaster the walls in a casual manner. The main colors of the decor will be light, pastel shades.

The interior of a Provence-style hotel implies bright accents of lavender and olive colors – these can be flower pots or murals on the walls. Antique coffee grinders and vintage watches will also perfectly fit into the concept. Let the decor details be deliberately careless, but at the same time elegant. Baguettes, croissants, fancy buns can also be used as interior items.

Forged lamps and fresh flowers – lavender, geranium, primrose – will emphasize the cool design of the French hotel. Let French music play softly in the establishment: both classical and modern songs will do.

Small space

Sometimes the space does not allow you to swing, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make a wonderful apartment in a modern style! You can also check Savannah Apartments in Georgia to know how much apartment units in the city cost nowadays Here are some tips to help transform a small space:

    • Give preference to light colors that visually increase the space;
    • The competent interior of a small apartment is based on the design of the space in the same style – choose a clear concept and do not deviate from the idea;
    • Let there be few decorations and they all emphasize the style of the institution. For example, in a classic English style, a tall grandfather clock and a few red antiques on the shelves would do;
    • сhoose furniture that is small but comfortable to avoid feeling crowded. Chairs with high backs can be chosen to make guests feel more intimate.

We wish you inspiration to create an original interior in your apartment!

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