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Monitor Your Kid’s Activities On Phone With This Free & Simple App!


The Snapchat spy app Snoopza is the number one must-have tool for all parents that wish to view and monitor their children’s phone and internet usage. We have all heard the horror stories. My child met a person online that was not who they say they were and you can fill in the rest.

You can prevent this story from ever being your story by being a proactive parent and diving head first into monitoring your child’s phone habits. The best and most discrete way to accomplish this is the Snapchat spy app Snoopza.

Why Use Snapchat spy app Snoopza?

This modern spy app works on any Android phone. It is easy to sign up for, download, and even easier to use on a daily basis. I agree that everyone is entitled to their privacy, but the way the world is going shows children need to be protected in this way. Not just from strangers and predators, but also from themselves and their blissful ignorance.

The Snapchat spy app Snoopza allows parents to monitor their child’s entire phone. All of the features your son or daughter uses, from talking, texting, social media app usage, and more can be seen as a mirroring screenshot by you. The end result will be peace of mind for you. Nothing beats knowing your loved ones are safe and protected.

Features of Snapchat spy app Snoopza

1. Tracks and Records Phone Calls

You can track the time and date of your child’s incoming and outgoing phone calls. Say they were advised by you to not talk to a particular person for some reason or the other, with the Snapchat spy app Snoopza you will know if they are abiding by your rules. This feature works just the same if there is a person that should not be calling your child and doing so. With this app you can even record a phone conversation if needed.

2. Manage Text Messages

This app can save SMS and MMS conversations if you have need to know what and whom your child messages. No more wondering what is so important and intriguing that your child will not remove their eyes and fingers from their phone.

3. GPS Locator

I can think of a few scenarios in which the GPS feature of the Snoopza app can come in handy. Say whether you lost your child, or your child lost his or her phone. This feature can also come in handy those times children just don’t answer their phones when you call and all you want is to know they are hanging out at a friend’s house. A quick second on the spy app Snoopza and you will have peace of mind.

4. Check Contacts

You will have access to all the contacts stored in your child’s phone and the ability to save those contacts. Being able to call around in those desperate times you cannot find your child, not only can yield results but also keep you calm during the search, if it comes to that, hopefully, it does not.

5. Track Internet History

Tracking your child’s internet history is something I truly believe every parent should do. The world wide is just that, wide, and it is too easy to find and explore inappropriate contact even when it is not your intent. Many people look at phones as an alternative so browse such content, so you will know with confidence that your child is not one of those.

6. Track the Usage of Apps and Social Media

A heavy percentage of your child’s interaction with other people is done through apps, not through the phone itself, so it is amazing to be able to know what your child is up to on Facebook or Snapchat which are the most popular social media apps today. Social media is the modern-day playground for predators. By getting the Snapchat spy app Snoopza and regularly monitoring your child’s profiles, messages, and posts, you will be protecting them. Here is a list of all the social media apps you can monitor through Snoopza.

  • Viper
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat

Most of these apps allow your children to make voice and video calls as well as send text, voice, and video messages outside of the phone itself so it’s content worth monitoring.

Other features of the Snapchat spy app Snoopza

Apart from the ones highlighted above, other features of the Snapchat spy app Snoopza include:

Screenshots – This part of the program takes pictures of the screen on your child’s phone (screenshots) to help you find important information if it is present. You never know what is wrong or will go wrong until it does. With this feature, you have a chance to prevent it by getting ahead of the problem.

Stealth Mode – This feature is so you can activate a tracker at any time if you are not sure or trusting of your child’s whereabouts. They will never know they are being tracked and if anything out of sorts is happening with your child, you will be able to properly address it. That opportunity would not exist without the Snoopza app.

Track Todo List – This part of the Snoopza app works on the calendar. You can see and save the entire calendar, lists, appointments, and notes entered in by your child.

Track Camera – Track camera takes photos on the phone’s camera as it is being unlocked. You also use the app and its features on tablets. This can come in handy in case your child loses his or her phone and the person that finds it is someone your child knows or if you fear there might be someone besides your son or daughter using their phone.

Detects SIM Card Replacement – Snoopza can even detect if a phones SIM card has been replaced. The app will continue to work even if that is the case.


Knowing is half the battle, and with the right information, your actions or response can be adequate and more effective no matter the scenario. The reviews from users of this Snapchat spy app Snoopza are very positive.

Parents that have tried other phone trackers before agree that Snoopza is far superior in the features it provides and its user-friendliness. If you are a parent to a child that has his or her own phone, the Snapchat spy app Snoopza is a must.

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