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Top 9 Modern Kitchen Appliances To Reduce Your Workload


When we talk about kitchen appliances, the first thing that comes into our mind is either a refrigerator or a mixer grinder. But as the technology is getting advanced day by day, there are a large number of appliances that keep adding on the list.

Now, you can see numerous appliances for the kitchen in the market. For each specific work, a specific appliance is available now. Here we have a list of some cool appliances which everyone must have in their kitchen and which is also everyone’s favorite. Keep scrolling till the end to know the best ones.

As for example Singapore based Company Zimplistic has launched Rotimatic – A fully automatic Rotimaker two years ago and it has changed the life of many people

Coffee maker

Whether we talk about offices, homes, restaurants, cafes, and colleges, a coffee maker is the most prominent appliance among the rest. A coffee maker always stands out of the rest as it is required everywhere. Who doesn’t like having a coffee after having a hectic schedule or for starting up a new day?

There are several coffee makers available in the market from which you can choose according to your demands.

Toaster and Grillers

Who doesn’t like having a cheese sandwich on a Sunday morning? Gone were the days when you had to stand for a long time to make a sandwich on a pan. Now, you just need to get the right stuff you want to put inside your sandwiches, burgers or anything, and just keep them inside the griller for the required time. You will get the exact tasty and cheese sandwich at just the comfort of your home.

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However, one the other hand, toasters are the ones that everyone requires in the kitchen. How can anyone male toasts without a toaster? Especially, when you have a busy morning schedule? Toasters come in various varieties and designs. The technology is somehow not advanced much as there isn’t much requirement, but the need remains the same.


How can we forget to mention blenders when it comes to kitchen appliances? Blenders are the favorite ones for the people who love keeping cool stuff in their kitchen. Blenders are usually preferred for mixing easy and fewer things. For those who are confusing blenders with a food processor, first, we will make it clear to you that a food processor is a whole different thing.

A blender is used to mix soft items like ice, for making sauces, shakes, mocktails, etc. This is the handiest option available for making quick sauces and shakes etc. That is why it is the most preferred item in the kitchen nowadays.

Roti maker

Who wants to stand for hours and make Rotis on hot summer days? Having a Rotimatic in your kitchen will make it much better especially when you have more than 2-3 people in the house. A Rotimatic Roti maker  is a whole solution in one single appliance. All you have to do is to just pour the ingredients into it and hot Rotis will come out within a few minutes.

Ever since the arrival of this great machine, women have become more relaxed as they don’t have to waste their precious time making Rotis in front of a stove on hot summer days. To get this great machine, you can simply check Rotimatic reviews and order one for yourself if you too like the product.

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Food Processor

For those having a big family or having frequent parties at home should have a food processor at home. A food processor helps you in finishing hours of work within just a couple of minutes effortlessly.

Cutting a bunch of vegetables, mixing them, making a large number of sauces, etc are all which requires a lot of time and effort are all everyone gets nightmares of. A food processor will help you in doing all these tasks within a couple of minutes and without troubling yours.

Air Fryer

Everyone dreams of eating without getting fat and unhealthy and air fryers are what makes it possible now. A higher number of the population are having issues related to health like cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. In this critical situation, everyone is finding new ways to eat food without putting their health at risk.

For this, an air fryer is the best alternative to eat without putting on calories. For those, who have the most health-conscious people in their family should have an air fryer, to give your family the best of everything.

Rice Cooker

Who needs to waste gas by using a stove for everything you want when you have proper alternatives for every task. All you need to do here is just pour the required amount of rice and water and press the button and your rice is ready within a particular time duration without the need to think about simmering the stove or off it.

Rice cookers are best when you have a small family having a busy schedule. Everything will be done by setting a timer without you worrying about the process and efforts.

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Microwave can never be excluded from the list. It has become a part of the kitchen now that without it the kitchen will be incomplete. Having a microwave in your kitchen means having a proper alternate of the stove and getting rid of reheating your food every time on it. Now you don’t have to put your stove on and use a utensil every time you want to reheat your food.

All you need to do is just put the plate or a dish inside the microwave and push the reheat button. Another great advantage is you can learn all the baking dishes and can make almost everything in your kitchen to enjoy your cooking passion.

Electric Grill

Who doesn’t like to enjoy barbeque food at the comfort of your home without getting the smoke to choke you around? Cooking in an electric tandoor is much healthier and easier than a proper grill. Another advantage of having these are that they are much smaller and easy to store and handle than others.

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