Mobile Gaming: New & Old School Mobile Games For Adults

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In the modern world, there are many different ways for adults to use mobile tech for their everyday routines. Whether on iOS or Android, there are many mobile apps for fitness and even apps for improving writing skills that users can use and download onto their devices. Now that many mobile devices have better storage capacity, HD screens, and longer battery life, adults can get a lot done without having to switch on a computer.

Playing video games has also become an integral part of life for all ages and can be done through mobile devices as well as games consoles. There is a huge range of games available at where adults can access games on mobile app stores, from strategy games to puzzle games. There are also popular board games and TV quiz shows apps available such as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, The Chase, Cluedo, Monopoly, and Scrabble alongside the latest mobile games that today’s powerful devices can run, offering eye-popping visuals and multiplayer gameplay options.

As well as video games, there are even apps from online casino brands such as Slot Boss for adult players to download so that they can play the latest slots, table games, and even live dealer games directly from their mobile device. If gamers want to learn more about certain games, there are plenty of useful guides and helpful videos online that can teach players the rules of the games too.

Technological advancements have transformed the video game experience for years now, evolving into real-life graphics that make some games look and feel like players are watching a movie. Modern games are fantastic, but sometimes there’s a gap they don’t fill, especially for the older generation. While some players might not have their old games or consoles anymore, luckily mobile app stores do hold a few retro games of their own.

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Old School Mobile Games For Adults

Pacman – Pacman is one of the most popular classic games that took the world by storm in 1980. Every time one would turn on their console, Pacman was an exciting way to pass time. This maze chase game is great for adults to play on mobile to relive the 80s days in 2020.

Tetris – It’s an easy game that involves coloured shapes and your goal is to maintain the lowest horizontal line, increasing your score. While it’s a pretty easy concept, the more you progress, the faster the pace at which shapes are dropped.

Super Mario – While the first Super Mario game came out in 1985, it wasn’t until Super Mario Run in 2016 that marked the release of Nintendo’s first mobile game. Since the 80s it has Super Mario has been a popular game with many generations and it’s become one of the best selling video game series in the world.

Most Recent Mobile Games For Adults

Pokemon Go – While adults might have first enjoyed the first generation Pokemon game with Pokemon Red & Blue on their Gameboy, the game series is still going strong with Pokemon Sword & Shield released on Nintendo Switch in 2019. However, in 2016, adults could enjoy a mobile app with Pokemon Go that was a worldwide sensation with millions downloads and which has been quite popular ever since.

Candy Crush Saga – Although this free puzzle game was first released in 2012, it’s still one of the most successful and long-running mobile games. Just five years after its release on mobile, the series had over 2.7b downloads.

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Fortnite – Hugely popular since its release in 2017, Fortnite is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. The goal is to become the last person (or team) standing. With its fast-paced action and cartoon-style graphics, this is a fun newer game for adults to play right now.

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