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Mobile Apps Are Leveraging – Developers Or Development


Have you ever wondered that how the latest development tools and IDEs are revamping the developer’s job? Are they leveraging developers?

Today, mobile apps and mobile websites have become paramount in almost every business. Not just to efficiently reach a wider mobile audience, but in order to boast a modern and smart brand value it has become more than imperative to create an effective mobile presence. This has ultimately adding to the rising demand of mobile app developers.

As a result, new development tools and frameworks have been developed with simple drag and drop capabilities to facilitate agile mobile app and site development. They are definitely leveraging the newbies and startup companies to quickly and effortlessly create mobile presence. But the question is, do these latest tools offer a solution as secure and feature-rich as that by coding? Unfortunately no I don’t think so.

IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) are actually intended to allow developers to work smoothly and deliver their best creativity. However nowadays, the latest IDEs are actually designed to let an individual develop apps without any prior programming knowledge of developing an mobile application. So what does it represent? Are these advancements supporting the developers or only facilitating the app development ground?

Coding Is An Asset

An individual who doesn’t possess any programming experience, will not be able to deliver a remarkable product (mobile app or website) with ensured security, customizability, and extensibility. These are certain crucial attributes that add to the credibility of an application. No latest tool or IDE can offer such kind of precision in an application as that integrated by a dedicated developer.

The software development field has indubitably come a long way for past few years. It has definitely brought new entrants in the field. But, the point to notice is that they are not as good as hardcore programmers. The people are learning the environment from the top only and are not going deep into its intricacies. Thus, they are not able to deliver better products as that by well-versed developers, they are rather dragging the things and placing wherever they want. Since, they are not familiar with the complete development environment, it is indeed restricting their performance.

Let’s study all the imperative attributes that add to a better product.


The extensibility has become an essential factor that is demanded by the most of the businesses. It helps a business reach a wider user domain by targeting multiple mobile platforms. Let’s assume that you have created an app for a specific platform. Now that your application has got a great success, you want to further expand your reach by porting your app to other mobile platforms.Porting an application from one platform to another is not a child’s play, it can even confuse the most experienced developers. While facing those annoying challenges, you probably would prefer creating a fresh app for another platform from the scratch. This would simply demand your valuable time and efforts, which is not a viable solution for any business. However, all this could be avoided by hiring some seasoned developer to write the code for your app instead of using the latest drag and drop IDEs.


This is another imperative aspect of any mobile application. Although, there are several advanced development tools available that offers a wide variety of editing capabilities, that can make your application appear distinct and fresh. Creating an application without having the coding knowledge will limit an individual’s performance. By knowing every bit of your application, you can easily manage all the technicalities of your application without redeveloping your app from the scratch.

However, there are certain area that is needed to be dealt with more precision and care, even if a developer is working on it. Let’s have a look at them.

Animation effects are better to be integrated via a library.

The Java framework offers a plethora of libraries that are proved to be useful for incorporating an animation effect in an application. While knowing the appropriate library, its method and the way to import the library and call that method can help you create a ravishing application. This doesn’t only offer quality result, but also save the space and make the app lighter.

Embedding additional APIs is a vital facet of app development.

By knowing the way to embed the requisite API (an existing API or your own API) in your application code, you can easily manage your application performance. Whether, it is validated results or amplifying the accuracy of the result, APIs can help you accomplish your task with greater efficiency.

The aforementioned factors clearly indicate that it’s always better to consider Offshore software development company in India while stepping into the digital marketing business. No one can offer you results like them.

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