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Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android And iOS


Minecraft a mind blowing adventure game . Minecraft release their Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC , Android and IOS . Today we gonna tell you how you install Minecraft – Pocket Edition On Your PC , Android and Ios .

Minecraft is an arcade or action and adventure game in which you create something by placing blocks . It’s a 3d game and everything in this is made by blocks . You can play with your friends online in minecraft  – Packet edition for pc , android and ios . You can make anything in minecarft for example – a catle , a home or anything you want to make . Minecraft is made by mojang gaming company .

You can play minecraft – pocket edition in two different mode – 1 – Survival Mode , 2 – Creative Mode . In creative mode you can make anything in this amazing . You can build your own team and done a creative together . In survival mode you can craft your own weapon or survival weapons to defend mob . Both mode are quite interesting and amazing . This game has more than 50 million downloads in google play store .

Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android And iOS

Features in Minecraft – Pocket Edition Game

  • Two amazing Mode 1-survival mode ,  2- Creative mode .
  • Play with your friends . Create and explore .
  • 3D graphics .

What’s New in Minecraft – Pocket Edition 

  • Natural Texture Pack
  • – Realms! Play with up to 10 friends cross-platform in worlds that exist anytime, anywhere. Try a free 30-day trial in-app.
  • Xbox Live support, including achievements .
  • Jungle temples & zombie villages .

How to Install Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android And iOS

Minecraft is already available for Android , ios and windows 10 devices . You can install it on your Mac or Windows Pc by simply download and install Here is Some links to direct download page of Minecraft – Pocket Edition For PC, Android And iOS .

 Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Mac

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS Devices

Download Minecraft – Packet Edition For Android 

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for Windows Phone

Download Minecraft for Windows 10Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition

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