Maximizing Precision and Safety in Rhinoplasty Surgery through Technological Advances  

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maximizing precision and safety in rhinoplasty surgery

Up to 500,000 people see a doctor to see about changing their nose. This is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. Having a new nose can give a great boost to their confidence. Now it’s even easier for doctors to do a precise and safe job when they do this surgery and patients will have a better time of healing thanks to technological advances.

In the past, there was a lot of bruising and the healing time took a lot longer, which meant that patients would miss time at work or school. That’s not the case now, since there are options that are not very invasive … and 3D imaging is available to help the doctor know what to do.

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Technology Has Made This Surgery Minimally Invasive

There’s no need for surgeons to operate too deeply on their patient’s noses now by using a lot of incisions, which lead to swelling and bruising. Instead, they create tiny incisions in the nose and then use extremely delicate instruments to do things like raise the skin that covers the nose’s cartilage and bone. Then, they will be able to see the inside of the nose and subsequently remove the necessary bone or cartilage or add the cartilage by grafting it from some taken from the septum.

Once the doctor is finished and they are satisfied with the size of the nose, they reposition the skin and close the incisions.

There will be a lot less swelling after the operation and you’ll have a much faster recovery period. Best of all, there won’t be any external incisions. Also, you will be able to breathe normally after the surgery is completed, which would have been different in the past due to the need for gauze packing. There may be a need for nose splints, but they are hollow and it’s easy to breathe through them.

The Doctor Will Use an Endoscope

This is a small camera that can help the doctor performing the surgery to see your nose. In the past, they had to rely on feeling your face and using their knowledge of the human face. That could create some problems, since there are some unique issues that each person has and the doctor would only discover that when they started the surgery.

Using an endoscope can keep that from happening, since the doctor will view the nose through the camera and then see what they are doing. It’s a much better way than it was in the past.

3D Imaging Can Help Preserve Other Facial Parts

Another big advance is that doctors can use 3D tomography to map out the face so that they won’t injure any other structures. They may even see about locating any anatomical problems that they will have to work around during the surgery.

Over the years, technology will continue to be refined and more advances and innovations will continue to occur. Patients may benefit from things created by 3D printers, for example. The 3D printing field could still be considered to be in its infancy.

As remarkable as the things that are coming out now are, there are some possibilities that we can’t even begin to imagine that will happen over the course of the coming decades. People will be able to quickly change the appearance of their noses without a lot of downtime. That convenience and quick recovery times could extend to a lot of other similar types of surgery.

You want to make sure that you have a doctor who has done a lot of these surgeries, though. That is an important part of your research. If they are very experienced, they know exactly what they are doing. You will have a much better chance of a smooth recovery since they know the most efficient ways to do the procedure. You will also want to have a doctor that has your best interests at heart. Then you will be able to go into your surgery confident in the upcoming results.

This is a great time to be alive. If you are unhappy with how your nose looks now, you can take heart in knowing that you can have it fixed pretty easily. Ultimately, you will find that this makes for an easier experience as a patient and you will be able to enjoy your new nose much sooner than you would have in previous years.

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