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7 Math Technology Tools To Engage Students


Regardless of how much you actually enjoy math, there’s a chance you’ll find yourself not interested in the subject at all. Regardless of whether you don’t understand one specific topic your professor can’t explain, or you’ve been under the weather lately, there are many ways for you to start enjoying math again! The true beauty of the internet is that there are tech tools for anything you may need help with, and your class engagement is not an exception. We have hunted high and low to find the best websites, apps, and tools for your math needs, so be sure to check them out!

#1 Pattern Shapes

For many students, understanding the properties of shapes may be a complicated task. There are many assistive tools to help you overcome all of the struggles you may possibly face on your math-studying adventure. In Pattern Shapes, you can measure angles, change the dimensions, and take notes. While the tool will be the most useful for elementary and middle school students, we believe that everyone could use its help once in a while. Besides, the colorful shapes will spark your imagination and help you enjoy math again.

#2 Geometry Pad

Geometry seems to be one of the more complicated aspects of math for many students both in high school and college. While the calculations may not be the discouraging part, graphs and figures usually are. This is when Geometry Pad comes into play. By helping you draw shapes and graphs, change their properties, and take notes, the tool will be sure to make geometry fun again. What’s even better about the app is that is can be used by students of all ages, from elementary school up to your university graduation.

#3 Stepping Stones

Although Stepping Stones may not be seen as the most useful tool for college IT students, the program is actually widely loved by teachers of K-6 math classes. The key concepts and strategies for teaching young kids math are available in the app, which makes it undoubtedly useful for the professors willing to improve the learning atmosphere in their classrooms. More than that, the teachers are able to screencast the resources available in the tool onto the interactive whiteboard, which allows them to emphasize or teach each specific concept as needed.

#4 FluidMath

If you need a tool that will be useful for both the professors and the students, be sure to check out FluidMath. The app is available for use on iPads and interactive whiteboards, which means you can use it both in the classroom and in the comfort of your own home. From the simplest math problems to complicated concepts, you can team up with your fellow students or professors, solve any problems in your own handwriting, receive feedback, or help others.

#5 Studygeek

Understanding math is practically impossible if you don’t know or understand the terms. When it comes to such a task, Studygeek will help you. The tool has a vocabulary of math-related terms, which will be useful for your next class, text, and homework assignment. While you could also turn to math problems writing services with such requests, Studygeek has already got you covered. Besides, you will also find many educational videos, which will not only allow you to memorize new information but will also engage you in the learning process.


#6 Kahoot!

We’re almost nearly sure that if you haven’t played Kahoot! in one of your classrooms, you have at least heard of it. One of the most engaging tools for everyone from first graders to college kids, Kahoot! will ensure that the students are not only having fun in the math class but also remember all of the complicated math formulas. If you feel like you’re struggling with memorizing, try taking a few quizzes in your free time, and you’ll be sure to enjoy studying math again.

#7 Prezi

For many students, seeing an image helps to remember something way better than simply hearing it. Besides, it is always helpful to be able to open the class notes and presentations on your laptop to refresh your memory. This is when you’ll need Prezi. Regardless of whether you want to create a presentation, share it with your class or professors, or check out the lecture notes, Prezi will be sure to help you. While the tool can be used with any school subject you can think of, we think it’s particularly useful for math students.

While there are so many kitten memes and viral videos on the internet, you can also find useful tools for your education. We all know that math can be complicated and exhausting, but we also believe that studying it can be fun. Hopefully, you will find the above tools useful in your academic endeavors.

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