4 Marketing Tips for Law Firms to Generate Massive Leads

Stuart Williams
By Stuart Williams 6 Min Read
marketing tips for law firms to generate massive leads

Marketing a law firm has one main goal: to generate as many leads as possible. This is easier said than done for most attorneys, especially ones who don’t have the massive marketing budget required to compete with national law firms.

However, it’s possible to get started with marketing on any budget, and here are some tips to do this effectively.

Have your website professionally designed

Have you ever noticed that most law firm websites tend to look the same? It’s not without reason. There is a specific type of design that has been proven to work well for attorneys, and law firms who use this type of design get big results.

If your website wasn’t professionally designed – if you built it yourself or threw it together with a template – it’s time to consult with a website developer. A professional developer will create a custom website that looks fantastic and generates leads.

What makes a law firm’s website generate leads? First, you need a beautiful design, like the Vecchio Injury Law Firm’s website. In addition to a beautiful design, your phone number must be visible in your header on every web page. Most leads will call you before they attempt to email you. Without a visible phone number, you’ll lose many leads who simply won’t email you at all.

Having your website professionally designed will also help you generate leads from your PPC ads. When your landing page designs look great, the only thing you need to worry about is crafting persuasive copy to get leads to call or email your law firm.

Optimize your existing content

Optimizing content is an ongoing process that may end up taking hours on your end. You could easily spend between 20-50 hours optimizing a single page of content. Optimizing your content involves the following:

  • Adding new keywords and phrases, including LSI keywords
  • Condensing headings and subheadings to be more concise
  • Adding keywords into your subheadings
  • Proofreading
  • Perfecting your typography
  • Altering your copy to better reflect your message
  • Finding clearer, more effective ways to make your points
  • Improving your calls to action
  • Making your pages mobile-friendly
  • And more

You’ll need to optimize your content for your visitors and search engines. However, your visitors should always come first. Thankfully, it’s not hard to optimize content for both and keep your optimization in favor of your visitors.

Create content specific to each practice area

How many practice areas do you cover? If you’re a personal injury law firm, you might cover dog bites, product liability, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents, and truck accidents. Whatever your practice areas are, you need to publish content that exclusively discusses issues related to each practice area.

It’s always ideal to have a blog where you post regular content, but at a minimum, you should have at least one page dedicated to each practice area. These pages can be used as landing pages for your PPC ads and they will also get indexed in the search engines.

If you need ideas, check out these examples of beautifully designed law firm websites. These websites were hand-selected because of their effectiveness at generating leads. If your goal is to generate massive leads, learn from existing, successful websites in your industry.

Start a podcast

According to data published by Lawyerist, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast at least once, and a quarter listen to a podcast at least once a week. If you think a legal podcast will be different, think again. First of all, people love listening to experts talk about their profession, but having a podcast will actively help build your reputation as a trusted legal expert.

When you launch a podcast, you’ll be putting high-quality material out there for people to consume. A podcast will help you build a name and positive reputation for yourself. Once you publish enough episodes and acquire a good following, when potential clients research your reputation, you’ll have a stellar and impressive presence on the internet.

Your ultimate success lies with hiring a pro

You can build a strong foundation for success by dabbling in marketing on your own, but big success will come from hiring a professional. Marketing is a specialized craft that professionals spend years perfecting. By hiring a professional, you’ll get ahead of your competition much faster and stronger than you will on your own.

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